A tourist program for Austria .. Dear tourist Austria has a set of beautiful tourism components, especially landscapes of mountains, rivers, lakes and waterfalls, in addition to the beautiful historical monuments, so Arab travelers give you your tourist program.

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Tourist program for Austria ..

Today “the first, the second and the third” .. Visiting the city of Vienna ..

Today, "the first, the second and the third" .. Visiting the city of Vienna ..– Today, “the first, the second and the third” .. Visiting the city of Vienna .. Vienna is the capital of Austria as it is one of its largest and most beautiful cities so it is necessary to spend time with it to enjoy watching the enchanting landscape of gardens and rivers besides the historical palaces and museums. * First day ..Schonbrunn Palace
Schönbrunn Palace “Schönbrunn Palace” is one of the most important tourist attractions in Vienna as it was a place for the ruling family in the summer. The palace consists of 5 sections. The palace also contains zoos and plants and has about 1400 rooms. It is necessary to visit it to enter the zoo as it is the oldest garden The world and your children will surely be happy to take pictures with the animals. The most interesting and exciting feature of the palace is the Schönbrunn maze. There are intelligence games and columns to climb in. The palace begins work from eight in the morning until five in the evening throughout the week. “Hofburg Vienna Palace” was established in the thirteenth century and is close to Maria Theresa Square, you can not miss his dear tourist visit to see his unique architecture and wander around to see the large library and court and wonderful possessions dating back to the era of the Romen Empire such as furniture, paintings, statues , Sculptures, utensils, gold, walls decorated with reliefs, you should try riding a horse-drawn carriage for walks in the garden of the palace, the palace begins work from nine in the morning until half past five in the evening. “The Museum of Natural History” is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Vienna where Featuring hawal 39 pieces of the oldest meteorites in history along with the planetarium that takes you on a wonderful virtual journey in the space world. The museum starts working from nine in the morning until half past six in the evening every day except Tuesday, the ticket price is 10 euros and free entry for children. * the second day ..The Vienna Prater The Vienna Prater cabarets “The Danube Island Vienna” is one of the most important natural monuments in Vienna so it is one of the most important places that should be placed in your tourist program, when you visit you will enjoy doing a number of beautiful recreational activities such as boating for water rafting, fishing, and kayaking hobby. The island provides coaches to teach this beautiful hobby and for lovers of walking, you can walk and run among trees, so exercising in this natural environment restores itself, you can rent bicycles, and the island also provides places for children to play. Light fun times to play and the ideal place for that is the Prata amusement park where interesting water games suitable for different ages, you should try horseback riding and take a tour around the clubs, if you are a movie lover then you must enter the existing cinema in the parks that provide 5D technology, for more adventure You have to enter the ghost house, and the nightclubs start working from twelve noon to ten in the evening. * The third day Danube RiverThe Danube River “Danube River” When you are in Vienna, you should take a tour of the Danube River to ride boats, practice kayaking and fishing, and enjoy the beautiful view of the beautiful gardens around the river. The Danube Tower Vienna is considered the tallest building in the city and one of its important tourist attractions As it reaches a height of 252 meters, though, you will ascend to its summit in seconds by the elevator, we advise you to have a meal in its revolving restaurant to get a wonderful view of what is around it while eating and if you are a fan of adventure you can jump from the top of the tower, the tower begins to work From ten in the morning until one o’clock For eleven o’clock in the evening, the entrance ticket price is € 8. “Vienna’s Karnatner Street” The pleasure of shopping at night in Vienna with this beautiful street that combines the past and the present. It was established in the nineteenth century and it appears in its monumental buildings. Now it is full of beautiful shops that you will find It has everything you need so that you can buy souvenirs that express life in Austria to spell it for your family and friends.

Today, “the fourth and fifth” .. Visiting the city of Zell am See.

Today, "the fourth and fifth" .. Visiting the city of Zell am See.– The fourth and fifth day .. Visiting the city of Zell am See .. Dear tourist, when you visit to Zell am See, you are with a date to spend enjoyable times among the beautiful nature where lakes, waterfalls and islands are in addition to the archeological buildings. * Fourth day ..Schmitten huh Zell am SeeSchmitten huh Zell am See “Lake Zell am See” is called Lake Zell, it is one of the most beautiful natural destinations in Zell am See. So you must be at the forefront of the tourist schedule in Zell am See. The lake is filled with beautiful boats. For drinking, the lake provides 40-minute trips with a guide in English and German at a cost of 12 euros, and if you are a fan of surfing, it is an ideal destination for that. After visiting the lake you should head to the mountain “Schmitten Hohe Zell am See” located near the lake, it is distinguished by its height that reaches To 2000 meters p The sea level is the ideal destination for snowboarding enthusiasts in the winter as the mountain provides the necessary equipment for that along with the presence of coaches, dear tourist. Reaching the top of the mountain by cable car, which provides a wonderful view of the area. “Krimel Zell am See Waterfalls” The waterfalls reach a height of 380 meters It is one of the highest waterfalls in the world. When you go to it, you will enjoy hearing the sound of water as it descends with a strong force forming fog of water. Do not miss to take pictures in these wonderful climates. You must wander among the pine trees around the waterfalls to see different types of birds. * Fifth Day ..The old district in Zell am SeeThe old district of Zell am See “Rosenburg Zell am See” was created by two brothers from the merchants in 1583 AD, it consists of 4 floors and is one of the beautiful historical monuments in Zell am See where the wonderful old buildings and unique architecture and beautiful towers, it contains a beautiful garden you have to take a walk Amidst the colorful flowers in addition to having a museum stadiums close to it, visiting it will enable you to see the artifacts that show us the history of Zell am See from ancient times until now. “The old district in Zell am See” You have to go to it, dear tourist, to see the historical buildings, wonderful paintings and antique trees as that Wandering in alleys This neighborhood has a special pleasure, as the old atmosphere relaxes itself. One of the most beautiful activities that you can do dear the tourist is to buy souvenirs from the artifacts that are sold in the neighborhood and express its history.

Today, “the sixth and seventh” visit to Salzburg ..

The city of SalzburgThe city of Salzburg, dear tourist. When you visit Salzburg, you are with an appointment to see a group of beautiful palaces and museums that tell us the history of Austria and the different civilizations that it passed through. * The sixth day ..Heilbronn PalaceHeilbronn Palace “The Heilbronn Palace Salzburg” was established in 1613 AD in the style of “Baroque” and it is one of the most beautiful sights in Salzburg. Do not miss it, dear tourist, to see its architecture, reliefs and decorations on its walls, in addition to beautiful statues everywhere and stone benches that fool When guests sit on it, water comes out on it. As for the palace garden, it contains many deceptive fountains, too. This palace will not come out of it without getting wet. Don’t forget to take pictures of it. Moments. ”Mirabell Salzburg Palace. The palace is characterized by its engineering construction in the italyn and French style, when you visit you will see statues on the name Baroque art and the most important statues have a statue of the angel of stairs, there is a hall that organizes beautiful musical celebrations and we advise you, dear tourist, to take souvenir photos next to the Fountain of Papagas and those around the statues, the palace begins work from nine in the morning until four in the evening and entering the palace is free. The seventh ..Nature House MuseumThe Nature House Museum “Hohen Salzburg Castle” dates back to the eleventh century, and the castle is distinguished by preserving its shape until now, as it is located on Mount Fustungsberg, which provides a wonderful view of what is around it and to reach you by riding the mountain train so you will enjoy watching the scenic views around you On arrival at the castle, you will see the splendor and beauty of medieval architecture in addition to wood carvings, gold pieces and paintings, there is a museum with weapons and shields used in the past and abroad you will find a group of sellers so I buy souvenirs from them, the entrance price is 11 euros for adults and 7 Euros for kindness Until the age of 14. “Museum of the House of Nature” you will see a group of animals, reptiles and various plants such as cobras and crocodiles in addition to fish aquariums that contain different marine creatures. As for the dinosaur hall, it contains structures for natural dinosaurs and crystal stones in addition to the space hall, we assure you dear tourist You will enjoy visiting it.

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