A tourist program in Madrid .. Dear tourist Madrid is considered one of the most important tourist destinations in Spain as it is the capital and there are wonderful historical places in addition to the beautiful gardens.

A tourist program in Madrid ..

Find out the temperatures and the best times to visit Madrid ..

Find out the temperatures and the best times to visit Madrid ..Know the temperatures and the best times to visit Madrid..Dear tourist The weather in Madrid is very cold in the winter where the temperatures reach nearly zero, but in the summer the temperatures rise dramatically to reach 40 degrees at times so we advise you to visit it in Spring or autumn, especially in May or October where temperatures are moderate.

The first day “The Royal Palace – Sabatini Gardens” ..

The first day "The Royal Palace - Sabatini Gardens" ..– The first day “The Royal Palace – Sabatini Gardens” .. “The Royal Palace in Madrid” is one of the most beautiful and important tourist destinations in Madrid because it was the official residence of the ruling family, but now it is used only on official celebration days and opens the rest of the time to visit tourists due to its representation The magnificent ancient Spanish civilization, where the unique architecture, there are wonderful archaeological holdings such as statues, silverware and engravings on the walls, there is inside the Museum of Del Brady, which contains weapons of various kinds as it contains several gardens where calm and relaxation do not miss my dear tourist to take memorial photos with it, Started For a workplace from 9:30 a.m. until 6:30 p.m. on Sunday and Monday, entry fees are 8 euros, and children under 5 years of age are free entry. “Sabatini Gardens” are part of the royal palace, when you visit it you will see trees and ponds Water alongside statues of the Spanish monarchs, you should sit under the trees to have a drink, and then attend one of the concerts held by the garden, the garden begins to work from nine in the morning until nine in the evening.

Day 2 “Royal Botanical Garden – Plaza Mayor Madrid” ..

The second day "Royal Botanic Garden - Plaza Mayor Madrid" ..The second day “Royal Botanical Garden – Plaza Mayor of Madrid” .. “Royal Botanic Garden” is located in the city center at Moreau Square near the Prado Museum, was established in 1755 AD by King Fernando III and is characterized by its views of the Manzares River, the park aims to introduce visitors to the types of plants Besides participating in the work of scientific research, and when you go to it, dear tourist, you will see more than 30 thousand plants, such as medicinal plants, ornamental plants, and perfumes, and 1500 trees. The garden also includes tropical and desert plants with the new nursery that helps them grow, in the middle of which there is a beautiful water fountain You have to take pictures next to it. There is also a library that includes more than 2000 research papers on botany, chemistry and natural history. The park starts working from ten in the morning until five in the evening. The entrance fee is € 2 for a visitor. The largest square in Spain, so it is called the grand square and it is one of the most important tourist destinations in Madrid. In the past, it was used in executions and then it became a place for bullfighting and is now the place of official celebrations. It was established in 1617 AD by King Philip III of the century. Seventeen, in the middle of it is a statue of King Philip The square is distinguished by its old houses and you have to buy beautiful souvenirs from the markets in it such as woodwork and handicrafts that represent the Spanish civilization and you can not miss the visit to the “La Casa de la Bandaría” palace located in it as a group of ceremonies is held, you can draw a portrait for you by the artists present In the courtyard.

Day 3 “Plaza de Cibeles – Retiro Madrid Park” ..

The third day "Plaza de Cibeles - Retiro Park Madrid" ..The third day “Plaza de Cibeles – Retiro Madrid Park” .. “Plaza de Cibeles” is one of the most beautiful squares in Madrid and was initially called the Madrid Square, but its name was changed to the current name in 1900, there are a number of important tourist attractions as a museum Post and telegraph, as well as the impressive buildings in the neoclassical style, in addition to the wonderful fountain, you have to sit in front of it to watch and enjoy the warm sunlight and the general atmosphere that combines the past and the present, then you should go to the Sabil Palace located in the square to stroll around and see its beautiful contents, shop from Aphid stores It is a plaza that provides different products suitable to be wonderful souvenirs and you cannot miss taking pictures in this beautiful square. “Retiro Park Madrid” was established in the nineteenth century in the Gothic style, it is one of the famous tourist destinations in Madrid due to the presence of a number of museums such as a museum Prado, when you go to it, you will enjoy the green spaces around you, where more than 15 thousand trees and plants of various types, such as the oldest pine tree in Spain, which is estimated to be more than 400 years old, you should wander around the garden to enjoy the picturesque nature and fresh air, of the most beautiful Its features are artificial lake Which your children will surely be happy to ride with a colorful boat in it, as the park includes valuable monuments such as the Retiro Palace and the Velasquez Palace. You should visit them to learn about their history and take pictures of them. The park organizes celebrations continuously throughout the year, starting to work from six in the morning until two o’clock It is midnight in the summer, but in winter it operates until ten in the evening.

Fourth day: “Santiago Go Bernabeu Stadium – Al Arabiya Restaurant” ..

Day 4, "SantDay 4 “Santiago Go Bernabeu Stadium – Al Arabiya Restaurant” .. “Santiago Go Bernabeu Stadium” Dear tourist It is certain that the Spanish League is one of the most powerful leagues in the world as it plays with a group of the most famous players. Certainly, visiting the Santiago Go Bernabeu Stadium is an interesting thing, as it is the most famous stadium in Spain And Real Madrid club stadium, it was established in 1947 and its first game was held between Real Madrid and Newcastle United English club or you should visit the “Vicente Calderon” stadium at Atlético de Madrid and it is one of the most famous Spanish stadiums as well, it was established in 1966 and is the most hosting Spanish national team matches Goddess ”Eat a meal in the evening in the Arabic restaurant, which is one of the most famous Arab restaurants in Madrid, offers a variety of delicious and distinctive Moroccan dishes with delicious flavors such as couscous and Moroccan casserole, you will enjoy eating amid decor inspired by the desert nature and after eating you take a free tour in the streets of Madrid Take a large number of pictures as a memory of you when you return home.

The fifth day, “The Egyptian Temple, Diboud – The Flea Market” ..

The fifth day "The Egyptian Temple, Diboud - the flea market" ..The fifth day “The Egyptian Temple Diboud – the flea market” .. “The Egyptian Temple Dibod” There is near the Parque Oysty Park next to the Royal Palace, this temple is one of the most beautiful tourist attractions in Madrid, it is an Egyptian temple that was created for the family of Isis on the island of Philae, after that It was transferred to the Spanish territories as a grant from the Egyptian government to Spain in appreciation of its efforts with Egypt in building the High Dam, we advise you to visit it dear the tourist and to take souvenir photos especially at sunset. “The flea market” when you visit to Madrid then you definitely need to buy souvenirs and Your needs that remind you of this city Beautiful when you return home, we advise you to go to the flea market, which is one of the most famous markets in Madrid and is an open market in several streets, with it you will find everything you can imagine of clothes, bags, watches, perfumes, antiques, accessories and other products. You can also visit a complex CC Plaza: If you love to buy famous brands, it has more than 200 shops, and it is one of the most important malls in Madrid.

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