A tourist program in Switzerland for a week

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Do you want to go for a distinctive tourist destination in Europe? Then we offer you a tourist program in Switzerland, which is one of the best tourist destinations in the world and is the perfect choice for lovers of charming nature and for those who want to get the most comfort and relaxation, which ensures that you spend a wonderful time on your vacation Accompanied by family or friends.
It is worth noting that Switzerland is located in the middle of Europe, and among its attractions is that it enjoys a moderate climate most of the year, and the best times to visit Switzerland is between June and August, so temperatures range between 17 and 28 degrees in that period, and in Arab travelers offer you a guide to the best tourist destinations there.

Tourist program in Switzerland

Lake Brienz

A tourist program in Switzerland for a week - A tourist program in Switzerland for a week

  • If you go to the city of Interlaken, the best tourist attraction there is Lake Burns, which is in the north of the Alps, and the reason for calling it by this name is due to the extended village of Burns, which is located at the north of the lake.
  • The length of this lake reaches 14 km, while its width is 2.8 km, and its total area reaches 29.8 km, and from its depth it reaches 260 m, and what distinguishes it is the purity and purity of its water, which you can enjoy by riding the boats through which you can see the entire lake and what Surrounded by green mountains.
  • Among the activities you can do there is cycling on the designated paths, and if you want to stay in a hotel close to this charming place, there is the Lindenhof Hotel which is located within a time range of about 10 minutes from the lake and is one of the best Interlaken hotels.

Schilthorn Summit

1581261002 663 A tourist program in Switzerland for a week - A tourist program in Switzerland for a week

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  • Among the places that you will have a pleasant time in the city of Interlaken is the Schilthorn summit, which is one of the highest mountain peaks in the Swiss Alps, which receives thousands of visitors annually from all over the world, and is located 22 km from the city center.
  • When you visit the Schilthorn summit in the summer, it is characterized by the green nature that covers most of its parts and you can enjoy the beauty of the place by riding a cable car, while in the winter it is covered with snow, which in this season you can practice skiing, which is the best activity there.
  • For more enjoyment of the mountain top, you can stand on the Skyline Walk platform located at the top of the mountain peak, through which you can see a charming panoramic view of the highlands that surround the summit, along with other natural attractions such as Lake Thun.
  • There is a souvenir shop available at the place. You can also enjoy Swiss food in the restaurant overlooking the mountain, which is located at the top. As for the best hotels near this place, the Adelphis Superior Hotel 3 stars, which is located 4 km from the top of the mountain.

Lake Geneva

1581261002 970 A tourist program in Switzerland for a week - A tourist program in Switzerland for a week

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  • As for the Swiss capital, Geneva, among the most attractive places for tourists is Lake Geneva, which is called another name, which is Lake Liman, and it is one of the largest lakes in the European continent, and is characterized by its excellent location as it is surrounded by many major valleys.
  • What distinguishes this lake also is that it is located on the border between Switzerland and France, and it is one of the best destinations for families, and you can enjoy the beauty of the lake water and the picturesque view surrounding it by riding boats through which you can explore birds of all kinds.
  • If you are a hunting enthusiast, you can practice your favorite pastime in this place, where the lake includes approximately 20 types of fish. As for the hotels near this place, there is a 5-star Four Seasons Hotel that overlooks the lake and is one of the best hotels in Switzerland.

Ciani Park

1581261002 174 A tourist program in Switzerland for a week - A tourist program in Switzerland for a week

  • Among the tourist destinations that we offer you in the tourism program for Switzerland is the Ciani Park, which is located in the heart of Lugano, which enjoys unique views of Lake Cirisio, and this park enjoys a large number of visitors, whether local or foreign, as it is the most famous parks in the city.
  • Among the advantages of this park is that it includes rare species of flowers and plants, as well as many statues that are located in the middle of the garden, as well as a group of water fountains that increased the beauty of this place.
  • The park contains a set of seating for the enjoyment of the beauty of the place and its fresh air and excellent climate to obtain the desired relaxation, and this place enjoys a magical scene at sunset.
  • In the case of your visit to the park with children, there is a place that includes various games for children, and if you like reading books in the green nature, there is a library attached to it, which includes a group of books in various fields.
  • Business hours start from six in the morning until eleven in the evening and entry is free for all.
  • One of the best hotels in Lugano near the park is the Pistallo Lugano, which is about 200 meters away from this place.
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