If you are planning to go on a trip to Turkey, know that the task is not easy, the Internet is full of many information about tourism in Turkey in separate locations, and this matter can spoil the pleasure of the trip for you!

Too much information is of course not a good thing, too much information may make you confused and more anxious, you may find wrong information, conflicting information, information that is not sufficiently accurate!

We know this very well, so we made this guide to save you time, effort and money, and help you enjoy your trip to Turkey.

In this guide you will know all the things you are looking for regarding travel and tourism to Turkey, and you will learn exactly how to make your trip an unforgettable experience.

You will find everything related to tourism and planning a trip to Turkey in one place.

In this guide you will learn:

Tourism in Turkey as you did not know it before!

Turkey’s best cities to visit

• The appropriate times and seasons for tourism in Turkey

Turkey travel companions (family – friends – alone)

• Official papers to take with you to Turkey

• Turkey Air and how to book the best flight to Turkey

How to plan a trip to Turkey (step by step)

• The costs of a trip to Turkey in detail

• The most important tourist attractions that must be visited in Turkey

• The best areas of residence in Turkey (the best hotels and hotel apartments in Turkey)

Transportation and transportation in Turkey

• The best restaurants in Turkey

• Gifts and shopping in Turkey

Hint: This guide is very long for the purpose of placing all the information that you will need on your trip to Turkey, so we recommend keeping this guide and perusing it constantly.

Lets start …

Tourism in Turkey as you did not know it before!

Why do you want to travel to Turkey as a tourist destination?

Turkey is suitable for almost all tourist tastes and preferences, thanks to its cultural and cultural diversity!

If you are a fan of travel to coastal cities overlooking the sea to enjoy the beaches, scenic views, diving activities, etc.? You will find your shop in Turkey.

As for you if you love history and love to travel to the countries of the world to see the different historical monuments? Exactly what you are looking for is in Turkey.

And if you are looking for landscapes, gardens, tranquility and recreation, of course Turkey is the best option for you.

If you are planning to go to Europe? Or would you like to go to Asia? Turkey is part of Europe, and part of Asia at the same time, it has both the European and Asian airspace.

In short, the useful tourism in Turkey wins due to the diversity, and you sure know this well, so you read this guide now.

And here comes a very important question, which is:

Where are we going in Turkey?

The best cities in Turkey you must visit

Turkey is not only Istanbul!

Many Arab travelers think that tourism in Turkey is limited to Istanbul only, and this is a big mistake!

Of course Istanbul is one of the most important tourist destinations during a trip to Turkey, and it is among the places that you should visit and spend time in it, but there are also many tourist cities in Turkey that deserve to be visited!

In this article, you will find the most beautiful and best 19 cities in Turkey with features and ingredients for each city to know if it suits you or not, and the most important tourist attractions in each city.

Click here to read the guide to the 19 best tourist cities in Turkey

Now you are aware of the most important tourist cities of Turkey, and you may have decided to visit one or more cities throughout the period of your trip, but there is a very simple thing that you must keep in mind before visiting Turkey to save money, which is:

What is the most appropriate time to visit Turkey?

The appropriate times and seasons for tourism in Turkey

One of the advantages of tourism in Turkey is that it is possible to plan your trip in all seasons and times of the year.

Here are the best times for a trip to Turkey:

Spring semester (March, April, May)

This period in Turkey is characterized by its pleasant climate, and we recommend visiting Istanbul and its neighboring cities during this period.

Summer semester (June, July, and August)

In this period, some Arab travelers tend to the distinctive beaches of Turkey to spend the summer vacation, and the best tourist cities in Turkey are Antalya, Marmaris and Bodrum, while others tend to go to the cool green highlands in the cities of northern Turkey.

Fall semester (September, October, and November)

The fall season in Turkey is the perfect time for tourism as the climate is fairly moderate, and the time is very good for hiking and visiting Turkey’s parks and gardens.

Winter (December, January, and February)

If you love winter, then a trip to Turkey at these times will be most appropriate for you, especially if you are planning to stay in one of the winter resorts in Turkey, the most famous of which is Uludag Mountain in Bursa, and Mount Kartepe in Spain.

You now know where to go in Turkey, and you know what is the right time for a Turkey trip, 3 things remain indispensable for you before you go to Turkey, namely:

1- With whom will you go to Turkey?

2- The official papers you must prepare?

3- Turkish Airlines, and how to book airline tickets?

Turkey travel companions

Planning to go on a trip to Turkey is not easy, the more people journey, the more complicated the matter, for example when you go to tourism in Turkey alone it is simple, you can rely on public transportation, you can live in a 3-star hotel, etc.!

But if you are planning a family trip to Turkey, here the matter becomes more complicated, for example, what is the best means of transportation for you and your family?

Perhaps public transportation is a bad choice, and where are you staying? Is a private aparthotel or a 5-star hotel?

So you have to take your girlfriend on a Turkey trip, are you alone? with your friends? With family?! As each case has its most appropriate conditions, requirements and plan.

Official papers to take with you on a Turkey trip

First to enter Turkey you must obtain a visa / entry visa, unless you are from one of the following countries: Morocco, Tunisia, Lebanon, Jordan, Qatar.

If you hold the nationality of any of the aforementioned countries, you can travel to Turkey without a visa.

If you hold the nationality of any other Arab country, you can obtain a Turkish visa electronically through this website (Press here)

Second, do not move during the Turkey trip without your passport and everyone accompanying you on the trip.

Third, you must obtain or obtain an international license if you want to rent a car in Turkey.

That’s it!

Subject to some safety rules that we will talk about later, your trip to Turkey will be 100% safe.

Now we will talk about airlines to Turkey.

How to book the best flight to Turkey

After determining the travel time, the return time, the number of people, and the degree of the plane, you only have to reserve the flight ticket to Turkey other than the airport that you will land in!

Turkey has more than 57 international and domestic airports for domestic and foreign flights, and it is distributed in the most important cities of Turkey.

Here are the 6 best airports in Turkey:

Ataturk International Airport / Istanbul International Airport

The airport is located in the European part of Istanbul, about 22 km from the city center, and can be reached by taxi, bus, metro, and private rental cars.

Sabiha Gokcen International Airport

The airport is located in the Asian part of Istanbul, about 35 kilometers from the city center, and the distance takes half an hour by car.

It is also possible to move between the airport and some important areas such as Taksim and Kadikoy by buses with the numbers E10 and E11.

Antalya International Airport

The airport is located northeast of the city of Antalya, only 13 km from its center.

It can be reached by car in 25 minutes, and it is the main airport of southwestern Turkish cities.

Esenboga International Airport (nearest airport to the Turkish capital, Ankara)

The airport is located 28 kilometers east of the Turkish capital, Ankara, and can be reached by bus No. 442, which operates to transport passengers between the airport and the city center from 6:00 am until 11:00 pm.

Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport

The airport is located 18 km south of Izmir. The airport provides buses that transport passengers to and from the airport. Taxis and a railway are also available near the airport.

Trabzon International Airport

The airport is located close to the city of Trabzon, east of the Black Sea, just 6 kilometers from the city center. It is the main airport of Trabzon, and the only airport in Turkey that overlooks the sea.

This is a map that includes all of Turkey’s domestic and international airports.

Just choose the airport closest to your destination for a trip to Turkey, book a ticket and start your flight.

Now you are one step away from Turkey, then start the journey!

But wait!

Where will you live? Where and what will you eat? What do you do in Turkey? And a lot of things to plan.

Let’s go into detail …

How to plan a trip to Turkey (step by step)

Indeed, you started planning a Turkey trip without knowing it, how ?!

You have decided the appropriate time to visit Turkey, you have booked airline tickets, you know what cities of Turkey you will visit, you have prepared the official papers that must be taken with you to Turkey!


But all of these things are in the stage of preparing for the trip, but actually you did not do anything about spending the trip itself, and this is what we will do now.

Are you planning to go on a Turkey trip alone? Or does it depend on one of the pre-made programs provided by tourism companies in Turkey?

Each of the two ways has advantages and disadvantages, and we will discuss them now.

Advantages of planning a Turkey trip alone:

1 – Freedom to spend your time in the way that you like, away from the general plans that were prepared for all people regardless of personal preferences and requirements.

2 – Privacy in spending times with your loved ones in places that prefer to do what you want, for example, if you are with your family, it may not suit you with ready-made tourist programs.

3 – Save money given the provision of economic options appropriate to you, the cheapest and best hotels, the cheapest and the best transportation, etc.

But all these advantages come with a few disadvantages, the most important of which are:

1 – To spend a lot of time searching and asking about the best hotels, the best transportation, the best restaurants, the best flying and so on!

2 – Fatigue and dispersion as a result of the abundance of information sources on the Internet, some of which are good and this is small, and most of it is inaccurate and disorganized.

3 – Denying the pleasure of enjoying a trip to Turkey as a result of having to ask the people of the country about the correct and fastest roads, restaurants, etc., and here comes the obstacle of language.

4 – You may lose some money as a result of not knowing how to save money in Turkey in transportation, hotels, restaurants, internet and communications etc.

5 – Lots of time wasted on the next step decision, what will you visit first, then second, then third? What will you do in the evening? in the morning?

So you are saying that it is better to rely on a pre-arranged trip from a tourism company ?!

of course not.

These also have advantages and disadvantages!

Its advantages are to avoid planning flaws on your own that we have talked about, but you will lose the benefits that we have mentioned if you rely on a tourist guide.

But in addition to defects such as restricting freedom and lack of privacy, the cost comes!

The cost of the tour guide in Turkey is high. If you are planning to spend 6 days in Istanbul, for example, the cost of the tour guide may reach more than $ 300, which is a large amount that can be spent on other things that benefit you.

But there is a compromise!

What if you got all the advantages of planning on your own (freedom, privacy, saving time, effort, and saving money), and at the same time avoiding flaws and spending your trip with peace of mind, and did not pay attention to anything but to enjoy the trip, and at a low cost!

The solution is a step-by-step tourist planner to spend every hour effectively in Turkey.

What are the most important landmarks that you have to visit, how do you move from one of the landmarks to another, and what are the most appropriate and fastest means of transportation, the cost of visiting each landmark, the best hotels and some golden advice to spend the journey of Turkey as if you are one of the Turks residing in the country, and a lot.

This solution comes at a cost of less than $ 10!

Click here to see all the details, how to get this scheme and what exactly are the tourist services it receives

Thus, you have a complete plan to spend your trip in Turkey!

What about the cost?

This is what we will talk about now

The cost of a trip to Turkey in detail

The issue of costs and prices is a very important issue, as it may spoil the trip to Turkey and the trip may succeed, so many Arab travelers are interested in the cost of travel and tourism to Turkey!

And you should know that it varies according to the number of individuals, the mode of transportation, the level of hotels, and the activities that are planned in Turkey!

Here’s the estimated cost for two people on a trip to Turkey in detail:

• Prices of tickets to travel to Turkey

The average price of a ticket to Turkey at times other than busy seasons is around $ 400.

• Average hotel prices in Turkey

The price of a night in these hotels ranges between $ 100 to $ 150 if the room is double for two people.

• Restaurant prices in Turkey

The daily food cost can be estimated at $ 150 in upscale tourist restaurants and $ 70 in medium restaurants.

• Transportation prices in Turkey

The average daily cost of public transportation is $ 20, while renting a private car can reach $ 120.

• Personal expenses and shopping in Turkey

This is entirely up to you. Maybe you want to shop and buy some gifts during a trip to Turkey for your loved ones, maybe not, but let’s set it as an average of $ 300.

Of course, you can travel to Turkey at a cheaper cost than that, and you can travel to Turkey at a higher cost than that. We have provided you with the average to have a basic knowledge of the average budget that should be planned when tourism in Turkey, can decrease, or increase.

Hint If the number of passengers traveling with you increases in Turkey, you must double the cost to be safe throughout the trip.

Suppose you now decide to travel to Turkey, how will your friends know that you have already traveled to Turkey?

You must take memorial photos in the most important tourist attractions in Turkey, then what are the most important tourist attractions in Turkey?

The most important tourist attractions to visit in Turkey

There is no doubt that Turkey is one of the largest tourist countries in the world, and it has many tourist cities, which in turn have many tourist areas, which in turn have a number of tourist attractions.

To cover all these features, this article will become 10 times the size, so we have prepared articles for every tourist city in Turkey and the most important monuments in it. All you need is to click on the city link you want.

• Cities you visit if the duration of a trip to Turkey is 7 days

The most important tourist attractions in Istanbul

The suggested time to visit Istanbul’s most famous landmarks is 7 days.

• Cities you visit if the trip duration of Turkey is 3 days

The most important tourist attractions in Bursa

The suggested time to visit Bursa’s most famous landmarks is 3 days.

The most important tourist attractions in Antalya

The suggested time to visit Antalya’s most famous landmarks is 3 days.

The most important sights in Trabzon

The suggested time to visit Trabzon city’s most famous landmarks is 3 days.

The most important sights in Fatiha

The suggested duration of visit to the most famous sights of Fethiye is 3 days.

• Cities you visit if the duration of a trip to Turkey is two days or if there is only two days left from the trip!

The most important sights in Sapanca

Suggested time to visit Sapanca’s most famous landmarks is 2 days.

The most important sights in Polo

The suggested time to visit the most famous landmarks of Polo City is 2 days.

The most important sights in Ordu

The suggested time to visit the most famous landmarks of Ordu is two days.

The most important sights in Samsun

The suggested time to visit Kayseri is two days.

• Cities you visit if the duration of a trip to Turkey is only one day, or if you only have one day left in Turkey

The most important sights in Alanya

Suggested time to visit Alanya most famous sights is one day.

The most important sights in the city of Yalova

Suggested time to visit Yalova’s most famous landmarks is 1 day.

The most important tourist attractions in Uzungol

Suggested time for visiting the most famous landmarks of Uzungol is one day.

The most important sights in Risa

Suggested time to visit Risa most famous sights is one day.

The most important sights in Ayder

Suggested time to visit Aydar’s most famous landmarks is 1 day.

The most important sights in Marmaris

Suggested time for visiting the most famous landmarks of Marmaris is one day.

The most important sights in Bodrum

Suggested time to visit Bodrum’s most famous landmarks is one day.

The most important sights in Mersin

The suggested time to visit Mersin city is one day.

The most important tourist attractions in Ankara

Suggested time to visit the most famous sights of Ankara is one day.

The most important sights in Cappadocia

Suggested time for visiting Cappadocia’s most famous landmarks is one day.

Now that we have finished the topic of sights, let’s talk about housing during a trip to Turkey.

The best hotels and hotel apartments in Turkey

The choice of housing throughout the period of your trip to Turkey is one of the most important things that must be given special attention, because you spend a very large time between eating, relaxing and sleeping inside the hotel or hotel apartment.

The housing options in Turkey are varied, but here we will talk about hotels of all levels, and private and family hotel apartments.

How do you choose the best hotel or serviced apartment in Turkey?

Location of the hotel

The more you choose hotels close to the sights in the city you are visiting, the better, and you save time and money.

• Hotel level

Turkey contains a variety of hotels of varying levels, you will find 5-star hotels, 4-star hotels, 3-star hotels, 2-star hotels and 1-star hotels.

Of course, the best hotels are 5-star hotels, but this does not mean that you need to live in such hotels, good 4-star hotels, and 3-star hotels as well, all you have to do is choose according to the services you want, and the budget for housing during the trip Turkey.

Complimentary hotel services

There are hotels in Turkey that offer some services for free such as breakfast, airport transfer, gymnasiums, swimming pool, Wi-Fi internet etc.

When choosing a hotel, you should know well what free services you will get, and make this point an engine for you in choosing the best.

Hotel accommodation specifications

You must specify the number of rooms that you will need, the types of these rooms, and if you have any additional requirements or requirements in these rooms.

List of the best Turkey hotels

Now make a list of the best hotels in Turkey, and then compare hotels by price, services provided, location and everything else.

How do you know the best hotels in Turkey?

We made it easy for you, as we collected the best hotels in Turkey with this link!

Click here to see the best hotels in Turkey and every region in Turkey

Browse the link above, choose the city you intend to visit and want to live in, know the best hotels in it, then choose, live and start your journey.

Before you book a hotel, review the opinions of previous travelers

How hard it is to pay money on something that does not satisfy you the best, so before booking any hotel you must read some comments and reviews from real travelers who stayed in the hotel and tried all the services.

With this, you may have finished housing, and choose the hotel you will live in for the duration of the Turkey trip.

Now we will move to transportation and transportation within Turkey.

Transportation and transportation in Turkey

Transportation in Turkey is varied and there are many options to travel to and from Turkey’s cities.

Here is a list of the best transportation in Turkey:

1 – Tram

The most important tram lines in Istanbul are:

The T1 tram line connecting Kabatas Station and Bagcilar Bagcilar Station, is the most important.

T3 tram line connects Kadikoy-IDO Station and Çarşı Station.

خط ترام T4 يربط بين محطة توبكابي Topkapi ومحطة مسجد السلام Mescid-i Selam.

اضغط هنا لمعرفة تفاصيل أكثر عن محطات الترام محطة محطة، ومعرفة أقرب الفنادق والمعالم السياحية

2 – مترو الأنفاق

أهم خطوط المترو في اسطنبول هي:

M1: يربط بين يني كابي Yenikapı ومطار أتاتورك الدولي.

M2: يربط بين يني كابي Yenikapı ومحطة حجي عثمان Haciosman.

M3: يربط بين محطتي Basaksehir-Kirazli و Olimpiyat Koy.

M4: يربط بين كاديكوي Kadikoy وتفشان تيبه Tavşantepe.

M6: يربط بين ليفانت Levent و Hisarüstü.

اضغط هنا لمعرفة المحطات التي يمر بها كل خط مترو، والتعرف على اقرب الفنادق واهم المعالم السياحية في اسطنبول

3 – الدولموش

الدولموش يُعتبر من المواصلات الشعبية في تركيا، هو عبارة عن حافلة صغيرة مُتعددة الركّاب بنظام الأجرة، وتتسع لـ 8 أفراد فقط، ولها مسارات مُحددة من محطة لمحطة، ويتم الدفع نقداً لا باستخدام كرت المواصلات.

ميزة هذه المواصلة أنك تستطيع النزول في أي مكان تريده في شوارع اسطنبول.

4 – الميني باص

الميني باص من المواصلات الخاصة في تركيا إذ إن الميني باص يستطيع الوصول لأماكن وشوراع خلفية لا تستطيع الباصات الحكومية الوصول إليها، وهي تمتاز باللون الازرق، ويمكن الدفع نقداً أو من خلال كارت المواصلات.

5 – الباصات العامة

الباصات الحكومية من أرخص وسائل المواصلات العامة في تركيا إلا إنها لا تعتبر خيار مُفضّل في أوقات الإزدحام المروري.

ولا يمكن الدفع نقدا فى الباصات العامة، يتم الدفع باستخدام كرت المواصلات.

6 – العبارات البحرية

إذا كنت تريد الإنتقال من القسم الأوربي في اسطنبول إلى القسم الآسيوي، فالعبارات البحرية أفضل وسيلة مواصلات لك.

تتواجد العبارات البحرية كل نصف ساعة تقريبا، وتختلف سعة كل عبارة حسب حجمها.

7 – التليفريك

التلفريك في تركيا يُعتبر من أسرع وأرخص وسائل المواصلات، فضلاً عن أن ركوب التلفريك يعتبر من الأنشطة الترفيهية المناسبة جداً للعوائل للإستمتاع بإطلالة ساحرة على البوسفور ورؤية أهم المعالم السياحية في اسطنبول.

8 – التاكسي

يعتبر التاكسي وسيلة المواصلات الأشهر والأسهل أثناء رحله الى تركيا حيث يتواجد في كل مكان داخل اسطنبول تقريباً.

تكلفة التاكسي في تركيا ليست مُرتفعة حيث انها تعمل على العداد الإلكتروني المثبت على المرآة الأمامية، قيمة فتح العداد 4 ليرات، و 2.5 ليرة للكيلو متر الواحد.

هل استخدام التاكسي في تركيا آمن؟

نعم آمن، ولكن فقط استخدم التاكسي الرسمي، لون التاكسي في تركيا أصفر ويحمل على سقفه لوحة يكتب عليها Taksi، كما أن للتاكسي الرسمي يحتوى كتابة على بابه تؤكد لأي منطقة يعود (المطار، الفندق الخ).

9 – السيارات الخاصة

يمكنك استئجار سيارة خاصة بسائق أو بدون سائق في تركيا للحصول على مزيد من الراحة والخصوصية، وتتوفر الكثير من مكاتب استئجار السيارات في المطارات وفي جميع انحاء اسطنبول.

كما رأيت خيارات المواصلات في اسطنبول مُتنوعة وتقريباً يوجد كافة أنواع المواصلات، ما عليك سوى الإستقرار على الوسيلة المناسبة لك.

بالطبع لكل وسيلة مواصلات مميزاتها وعيوبها، ودرجة تناسب فإذا كنت مع العائلة ربما استئجار سيارة خاصة أفضل، اما إذا كنت لوحدك أو مع اصدقائك فلربما المواصلات العامة تفي بالغرض!

أفضل المطاعم في تركيا

كما قلنا من قبل خيارات تناول الطعام في تركيا مُتنوعة جداً، ستجد الطبق التركي، الطبق الشرقي الطبق الفرنسي، الطبق الإيطالي، وغيرهم كثير!

وستجد المطاعم الراقية، المطاعم المتوسطة، والمطاعم الشعبية!

كل ما تشتهي من طعام ستجده أثناء رحله الى تركيا ، والكل متوفر حسب ميزانيتك الخاصة، إذا كان لديك ميزانية كبيرة للطعام ستجد ما تُريد، إذا كان لديكم ميزانية محدودة، لا تقلق ستجد ايضاً ما تُريد.

اختر المطاعم القريبة من المعالم السياحية المعروفة، وإذا كنت تريد مطاعم ذات اطلالة خاصة على البحر ستجد ما تبحث عنه.

في هذا الرابط ستجد 8 من أفضل مطاعم اسطنبول عليك تجربتها

لإختيار أفضل المطاعم، عليك السؤال عن الجو العام والطابع الخاص بالمطعم، لأن المطعم ليس فقط للأكل، لقضاء وقت جميل أيضاً.

ولا تنسى قبل زيارة أي مطعم، قراءة التقييمات الخاصة به.

إذن أنت الآن قمت بالتخطيط من أجل رحلة الى تركيا ، وقمت بحجز تذاكر الطيران، والفنادق، وقد أتممت الرحلة على أكمل وجه، وتريد الآن أن تتسوق وتشتري بعض الهدايا، أين تذهب؟

الهدايا والتسوق في تركيا

تركيا عموماً واسطنبول خصوصاً تُعتبر من أهم مراكز التسوّق على مستوى العالم، حيث يتوفر تقريبا جميع المُنتجات، بجودة عالية جداً، وبأسعار تنافسية.

يوجد أسواق شعبية في تركيا تستطيع شراء منها منتجات محلية ذات طابع تركي، ويوجد الكثير من المولات الكبيرة، والاوت لت، ومتاجر الملابس الفخمة والمحلية أيضا.

إذا كنت تحب التبضع من المولات وقضاء وقت ترفيهي مميز.. اضغط هنا

إذا كنت تحب الأسواق الشعبية وتريد الحصول على منتجات جيد بسعر جيد ..اضغط هنا

أما إذا كنت تريد كان واحد مختص بالملابس فقط، اضغط هنا لمعرفة أهم وأفضل اسواق الملابس في تركيا

إذن لقد أنتهى المقال إلى هذا الحد.

ونتمنى أن نكون قد قدمنا لك كافة المعلومات الضرورية من أجل رحلة الى تركيا ، إذا كان يوجد أي أمر تريد الاستزادة ومعرفة أكثر عنه، اترك لنا تعليق بالاسفل.

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