About Golden Mile Dubai

المسافرون العرب

New details about Golden Mile Dubai is considered one of the largest artificial islands in the whole world, which is located in the emirate of Dubai where it was called the “Palm Island” because of the design that was established by it as it resembles the shape of the palm, so he sees it from the top sees the shape of a large palm tree on the coast .
The preparation, planning and implementation of the project took approximately 4 continuous years of effort and continuous work until finally reaching the distinguished level that it is now, and the Palm Island is full of all modern life.
It has many facilities and includes a large number of housing units and hotel units, which number more than 55 hotels.
The Palm Jumeirah Island consists of three main parts: the trunk, and the seventeen fronds of the fronds, and the crown. This palm border is a barrier in the form of a semicircle, and it is a wonderful place to enjoy and spend a nice time as it contains a number of villas, high-end residential areas and large hotels. And massive.
As well as it includes the wonderful residential complex Golden Mile, which we are going to talk about in this matter, in addition to the Atlantis Hotel, which is one of the most famous hotels in the Middle East along with huge resorts, fun water games, outstanding restaurants and cafes spread across the island.
Which makes the establishment of the Palm Jumeirah island project one of the most important and prominent real estate projects that guarantee its residents a unique and unique level of luxury and comfort.

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Dubai Golden Mile Residence Complex:

One of the largest projects on the Palm Jumeirah island is the construction of the Golden Mile residential complex. This huge complex was built on the part that represents the trunk of the Palm Island.

Size of the residential project, Golden Mile Dubai:

This complex is distinguished by its size, as it consists of ten buildings that include about 860 housing units, which include multi-type apartments, including one-room apartments, including two or three rooms.
It is located very close to the beach, where the residential complex is only a few minutes walk from the beach, in addition to that we find that this complex contains a large number of commercial offices.
Which the project provides according to the freehold system in addition to the presence of a dedicated section for retail, not only that, but there are also townhouse units and penthouse units.
This unique residential complex is characterized by several advantages, in addition to its magnitude and its inclusion in several works of buildings and establishments including malls and the most luxurious restaurants, its location gives it a wonderful additional comparative advantage, as all buildings and installations enjoy a wonderful and enchanting view of the sea and the garden.
As life begins to appear in the wonderful residential complex “Golden Mile Dubai” with the beginning of the owners receiving their housing units through the partners “IFA Hotels and Resorts and Nakheel Company”, this complex’s features and wonderful advantages are evident with the increase of its residents and their practices of different life activities within the complex.

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Golden Mile Galleria Center

The new residential resort “Golden Mile Dubai” includes a large shopping center of the same name, which is “Golden Mile Center” and its location is located near the Union Park in the Golden Mile Complex, in the Palm Jumeirah area of ​​Dubai.
The area of ​​this mall is approximately 400,000 square feet. It includes a large number of restaurants and a number of cafes. Its restaurants offer a range of delicious food taken from the most famous international kitchens.
Among the most famous and important ones are Tim Hortons Restaurant, Shakespeare and Co. Restaurant, Nando’s, Zaroob, Café Nero Cafe, Burger Fuel, and finally London Dairy.
The center includes a number of international brands and shops selling all fashion and beauty products, housewares, jewelry and electronics. There is a supermarket, Spinneys, Ascots and Chapples, Athlete’s Co, Beyond the Beach.
It also includes the Early Learning Center, Marina Pharmacy, Tavola, in addition to the Fitness First Platinum Club. The mall also includes a medical clinic and two nurseries, as well as various entertainment and service facilities, and 1600 parking spaces in the basement, and work continues in this mall from the hour Nine in the morning until twelve in the evening.

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