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المسافرون العرب

Antiquities in the Arab world

The Arab world is considered a place full of historical and religious archaeological sites. This is due to the various and varied civilizations that built it. These civilizations built many beautiful and distinctive architectural buildings, and among the most beautiful architectural arts is Islamic art, as it is characterized by its great dazzling decorations, and among the most famous buildings Archeology in the Arab world, the Hassan silo, and we will talk about in this article about the Hassan silo and its specifications.

Hassan Tower

Hassan Silo is one of the historical religious buildings in Rabat, Morocco, and it was built in the era of the Almohads state by order of Sultan Yaqoub Al-Mansur in the year one thousand and seven hundred and ninety AD, and this silo is one of the most important archaeological sites in the Arab Islamic world, where large numbers of tourists visit it.

Hassan Silo Mosque

The Hassan Mosque is one of the largest mosques and it was built from the era of Sultan Yaqoub Al-Mansour, with an area of ​​two thousand five hundred and fifty square meters, and when Sultan Ya`qub died he stopped building the mosque, and this was the year one thousand and ninety-nine AD, and the mosque was badly damaged due to the earthquake that struck Morocco And the remaining effects of this mosque indicate the strength of the building, its magnitude, and due to its sophistication and its historical position, UNESCO World Heritage Organization included it in the cultural list in the first steps, and this happened in the year one thousand nine hundred and ninety-five AD.

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Hassan silo specifications

The Hassan silo is distinguished by its square shape, and its tall length, as it is forty-four meters long, and there are several steps leading to the visitor to the top, and the silo includes a number of columns made of marble, its shape is circular, and carved in an attractive way, and beautiful, in addition to the presence of a number of fountains Decorated with Islamic drawings, which reflect the splendor and grace of Islamic architecture, and the silo has two doors, in front of each of them a knight from Morocco wearing the Moroccan traditional costume, and riding two horses, and has a garden full of flowers and trees, and the silo overlooks the mouth of the rivers of Abu Regraq, and in front of it is one of the largest mosques Historical It is a part of it in the world, and the silo is part of it, and its doors are decorated with marble, copper, and carved stone, as it is distinguished by its purely Islamic nature, and it is located on lands elevated from the sea about thirty meters northeast of Rabat, and the mosque was named “Hassan Mosque” relative to the Bani Hassan tribe, which is a tribe She was staying in Rabat.

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Beside the mosque are several shrines, including the tomb of King Mohammed V, the Moroccan monarch, and Moulay Abd Allah, and King Hassan II. These shrines are characterized by authentic Moroccan heritage design, and they were decorated from the inside and outside, with mosaics, beautiful Islamic motifs, and carved floral wreaths, and the shrine has four gates, including The door of spirit, which is the most beautiful door.

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