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London is the official capital of the United Kingdom, and it is one of the largest cities in Britain, which is located on the southern side of Britain, specifically on the River Thames, and is characterized as one of the most important cities in many ways, such as political, economic, and cultural.

London Features

The city of London is of great importance, and its importance lies in the presence of many universities, institutes, museums and distinguished theaters, in addition to many of the major headquarters of companies and major international organizations, due to the independence of this city from other regions, in addition to complete freedom of movement And to operate without any restrictions or interference from any external party.

London’s disadvantages

Despite the many advantages of the city of London, but it is considered one of the most expensive cities in the world, this price is a defect that cannot be neglected or ignored, as it is one of the most advanced countries compared to other countries in the world as a whole, and this progress made it a country with prices High for food, drink, housing, transportation, and other necessities of life.

London attractions

London is distinguished by being one of the most important tourist cities in Britain, because it contains many tourist places that attract large numbers of tourists from different nationalities, so the tourist gets a pleasure when visiting, in addition to feeling comfortable, calm and relaxed, these places are:

  • Westminster Church: This church is one of the largest churches in Britain, and it is located in the western side of Westminster Palace, and it is one of the most important religious buildings, and it is a special place for the coronation process, and it is one of the places that attract many tourists.
  • Tower of London: This tower was built by William Al-Fateh, and that was in the year one thousand and eighty-eight AD, and it was used in the middle of the twentieth century as a prison, but at the present time it has turned into a distinctive tourist place that attracts tourists.
  • London Eye: This eye is located on the banks of the River Thames, which is a wheel with a large height, in addition to containing external walls made of glass, and the tourist enjoys when visiting the beautiful scenery in the city center of London, and it is one of the most visited places of tourists, as much The number of visitors is about 3.5 million visitors annually.
  • Buckingham Palace: This palace is the headquarters of Queen Elizabeth II, a place that attracts many tourists from different countries in the world, where the length of its façade is one hundred and eight meters, and the depth reaches one hundred and twenty meters, and its height is estimated at twenty-four meters.

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