Mangroovy Beach is one of the most important tourist beaches in El Gouna, and El Gouna is a large tourist resort located in Hurghada, which overlooks the Red Sea coast. This resort was established in the year 1990.
As it was developed by Orascom, which specializes in international hotels and development for a group of islands, this work is one of its most important tourism projects, as this beach on the Hurghada International Airport is about 22 km from the north, separating it from Cairo by 470 km.

Hurghada city :

Hurghada is a large and famous tourist city located in Egypt or the world, where many tourists come from different places from Egypt and its suburbs and all foreign countries, and this is because it contains an excellent climate and a distinct location, and there are many of the ingredients that many tourists need, and it has the largest A tourist resort (El Gouna) that includes the largest group of different beaches.
Where El Gouna is characterized by its excellent location, it is one of the places specially prepared for scuba diving and water sports, so this mangrove beach was made for people to enjoy.
Also, El Gouna Resort has another beach, Zaituna Beach, where there are many other beaches in the resort, but the mangrove beach is one of the most important beaches in the resort, where many tourists from different countries of the world come to it.
There are also many houses and private villas that are located on the shores of the beach, and this is in order to enjoy the beautiful and wonderful appearances, as there are many small stone bridges in order to be easy to walk around.

Mangrove Beach:

One of the most important beaches at the level of the Red Sea, where many people can enjoy many different sports, and this is because the beach is located inside a large tourist resort that includes many different sports, and it also has an opportunity for water sports like diving and many other games Enjoyed by many tourists.
Where the mangrove beach has been rated as the best beach on the level of Hurghada, as it has received a 5-star rating by many tourists who come to it from various Arab and foreign countries, and that beach is located directly on the sea, and the best atmosphere, tranquility, comfort and safety can be enjoyed in that place And many people came to him to get to know the best beaches in Hurghada.

Tourism around Mangrove Beach:

Where you can enjoy a lot of different places that exist around the beach, where there are many shops and homes, and special areas for marketing, and many night clubs where all areas are located in the downtown area, the Tamr Hanna Square area and the Abu Tig Marina area and this is in the resort that is Work with him to develop his own business.
In order to receive the largest collection of large yachts, you can also enjoy watching many small Egyptian museums, which are close to the 90 museums opened in 1990.
There is also the distinctive and sophisticated digital library that Susan Mubarak worked on opening, as this library is closely linked with the Alexandria Library and its archive, books and documents. There is also a golf course near the beach where many international competitions were held.
There is also a full-service hospital next to it, and a private airport for the tourist resort and it has private planes that are not to be used except for emergencies, as there are more than 14 hotels in El Gouna that have four-star and five-star hotels, which are among the most luxurious hotels that exist in Hurghada.
Also, everyone can enjoy all the sights in which you are at any time of the day, and a tour of all regions can be taken while taking the most beautiful photos and sharing them with friends in various places.
It is also possible to take the best photos of Mangrove Beach and enjoy it on social media pages, also it can be shared by friends and give him all his information to enjoy tourism in Hurghada, and these are among the best tours that can be held in Hurghada.

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