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Eiffel tower

Gustave Eiffel designed the tower to be a distinctive entrance to the international exhibition in Paris in 1889 AD, and this exhibition corresponds to the centenary of the French Revolution, and the French technical ability appeared in that period as a result of its design, and the cost of building it amounted to 7,800,000 French francs, many of which were recovered from ticket revenue Sold to that exhibition, and the Eiffel Tower is one of the historical monuments of the city of Paris, where it was registered in 1964 on the list of historical monuments of the city.

Design and construction

The construction of the tower began on 1/6/1887 AD and continued for a period of 26 months, and that was under the supervision of nearly 50 engineers and 300 workers, and its completion was completed on 3/31/1889 AD, and the official opening of the tower was on 6/5/1889 AD, and it is considered The period during which the tower was built is standard with respect to the tools available in that era, and this construction was characterized by accuracy and magnitude, as it is based on four columns, in addition to the base, and thousands of iron parts and millions of nails, and this indicates its total weight that reaches about 10,000 tons .

Facts about the Eiffel Tower

Here are facts about the Eiffel Tower:

  • It was considered the tallest building in the world during its opening period in 1889 AD, and in 1930 AD a Chrysler skyscraper was created that was about 18 meters taller than it, but an air pillar of 24 meters in height was added, which made it precede this skylight in height, and is now classified among the highest buildings in France in terms of height.
  • The tower is coated with three different shades of color, which is the dark degree at the base of the tower, and the lightest at the top, due to its high height, in addition to that the tower is covered with 60 tons of paint every seven years, in order to protect it from corrosion.
  • The great chef Alain Dukas has a unique restaurant on the second floor of the Eiffel Tower.
  • The developer of parachuting or parachute death died when he tried to test his invention in the Eiffel Tower, where he jumped from the third floor of the tower, and was killed.
  • The French ruined the elevators of the Eiffel Tower before Paris was delivered to the Germans in World War II, to prevent them from enjoying the city’s most famous landmark, but Hitler climbed on his feet, and in 1944 AD the elevators were repaired, and Allied soldiers were allowed to ascend his summit.
  • Smaller versions of the Eiffel Tower are found in different regions of the world, such as: Las Vegas, China, Romenia, and Bulgaria.
  • Gustave Eiffel engraved the names of 72 of the most important scientists and engineers who supervised this building in that historical period.
  • In the period between 1925-1934 CE, the Citroen automobile company used the four corners of the tower as a commercial billboard, and was the largest advertising campaign in that period.
  • Thomas Edison visited the tower, and was greatly impressed by its architecture, and he praised it in his guest book.

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