statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty is located in the New York Bay, and it is an artistic work that France sculpted and gifted to the United States of America, on October 28 of the year 1886 AD. The aim of this gift was to strengthen the friendship between the two countries, on the occasion of the centenary of the American Revolution, and since that time Until now, the statue remained stable on its site, and became a place of tourist attraction. It was designed by Friedrich Batoldi, while its structural designer Gustave Eiffel designed it.

Location and space

It is located in the United States of America, specifically in New York Bay, and is 600 meters from Jersey City and 2.5 km from Manhattan, and its area is estimated at approximately 49,000 square meters, equivalent to 12 acres, and at the present time the Statue of Liberty has become one of the most visited places .

Design of the Statue of Liberty

It is called in English Liberty Enlightening the World, and it represents liberal freedom of thought, and symbolizes a woman who was freed from the chains of tyranny that were thrown at one of her feet. The date (4 July 1776), which is the date of the declaration of American independence, at the head of which is a crown consisting of seven teeth, and it represents rays symbolizing the seven continents in the world, or the seven seas, and the statue is based on a concrete base with a throne of approximately 47 meters, equivalent to 154 feet, and the length from the base to the top of the torch m It is approximately 46 m, which is equivalent to 151 feet, while its total length with the base is 93 m, which is equivalent to 305 feet, and it consists of several copper regulations with a thickness of 2.5 mm, equivalent to 0.01 inch, and it is fixed to the marine structure, and its weight is approximately 125 tons .
The statue is surrounded on all sides by a wall with a star shape, consisting of ten heads. It was built in the year 1812 AD as part of Fort Wood, which was used to defend New York City during the American Civil War, between 1861 to 1865.

Dimensions of the Statue of Liberty

  • Total statue weight is 125 tons.
  • His width is 47 m.
  • Its height is 46 m.
  • The length of the hand of the statue is 5 m.
  • The length of the right arm is 12.80 m.
  • Index finger length 2.44 m.
  • The length of the nose is 1.37 m.
  • The length of the eye is 0.76 m.
  • The width of the face: 3.05 m, equivalent to ten feet.
  • Nose width: 1.37 m, equivalent to 4 feet, and 6 inches.
  • The number of annual visitors according to the 2004 statistics is three million.

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