Abu Dhabi Corniche Guide Waterfront

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Abu Dhabi Corniche is a beautiful waterfront, the UAE is in its entirety one of the countries with great marine views that are very beautiful, and beauty is not limited to Abu Dhabi only, but in the rest of the other seven Emirates, and the Abu Dhabi Corniche specifically extends 8 kilometers long and overlooks the Arabian Gulf, and it extends From the front of the Hilton Hotel to the main entrance to the Corniche, which is after the Arabian Gulf Street.
Abu Dhabi Corniche is characterized by many fun and beautiful activities that its visitors exclusively exclusively, so that their journey is enjoyable and luxurious and has a lot of happiness and recreation, so we find a bike walk and another for people on their legs, football and volleyball courts, places for children and other play for families in addition to the presence of many restaurants with dishes and styles Various to suit all tastes.
So, during our article today, we will shed light on the Abu Dhabi Corniche as a waterfront detailing and its refurbishment, the beautiful gardens inside it, and the most important certifications the Corniche has in addition to many offers, events and special fees through Arab travelers, so follow us.

Abu Dhabi Corniche waterfront

Renovations inside the Abu Dhabi Corniche

Abu Dhabi Corniche Guide Waterfront - Abu Dhabi Corniche Guide Waterfront
The Abu Dhabi Corniche is considered a tourist attraction that attracts citizens and tourists within the capital. Renovations have been completed to become the Corniche in its current form, which it is now since 2008, and it is characterized by the extended green areas and the splendid blue waters of the Arabian Gulf that extend along the Corniche making everyone who visits it affected by its beauty .
There are many high-rise towers and tall skyscrapers around the Corniche, which all windows are distinguished by their vision of this great scene. There is also a large mooring of yachts and a very beautiful island called pearls. The region has many distinguished tourist hotels in terms of very beautiful views or extremely accurate and distinctive hotel services Examples include the Hilton Hotel, Emirates Palace Hotel, Sheraton Abu Dhabi Hotel, and Sofitel Abu Dhabi Hotel.

Abu Dhabi Corniche and Gardens

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Abu Dhabi Corniche is characterized by containing vast and large green areas that allow visitors to see the beautiful and picturesque sunset daily, which makes the Corniche a place that meets all the needs of its visitors.
The gardens within the Abu Dhabi Corniche are characterized by large and different groups and a variety of restaurants that offer distinctive and different beautiful foods to suit all tastes, whether those foods are local or international, and there are a lot of cafes and recreational playgrounds.
The blue flag is one of the most important certifications that a beach receives because it means the quality of the environment, the beach and services.
The Abu Dhabi Corniche has obtained a blue flag that is internationally recognized, to make the Abu Dhabi Corniche one of the highest beaches characterized by environmental quality and outstanding and integrated services that are granted to ensure the safety of the water in which people swim and the quality of moorings in it.

Number of visitors and fees at Abu Dhabi Corniche

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The number of visitors inside the Abu Dhabi Corniche ranges between 30 thousand and 50 thousand visitors per month, and it is divided into three sections for individuals and the second for families and the third for the public and there are more than one thousand and one hundred free parking for cars and cars.
The Corniche prices in the sections for families or individuals is 10 dirhams, while the private beach is public and free for everyone without fees.
On the beach, there are 24-hour rescue teams to save the beaches.
The beach provides benches for visitors to sit and umbrellas to protect them from the sun, and there is a safe swimming area surrounded by an extended fence to keep people more than forty meters from the beach itself.
In the beach there are many excellent sports that provide better services for beach goers such as:

  • Running Sport.
  • Water skiing and surfing.
  • Biking on their boardwalk.
  • Jet skiing and boating for tourism and hiking along the Corniche.
  • Going to Pearl Island.

That is why the Abu Dhabi Corniche is one of the most beautiful waterfronts and the most beautiful beaches that are characterized by a pleasant walk and luxury with all the services provided. It also features a wonderful and picturesque landscape in addition to providing all the visitors’ needs of sporting or leisure activities or activities.


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