Advantages of the Suez Canal project

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Advantages of the Suez Canal project

The importance of the Suez Canal project stems from several advantages provided by the project, and the most important of these advantages are:

  • Considering it an open waterway without locks.
  • It is considered one of the most used navigation methods in the world.
  • The capacity of ships in the canal increased, as it received about forty-nine, increased to ninety-seven ships.
  • Considering it the first road, or a man-made waterway linking the Mediterranean and the Red Sea, ships no longer need to sail to the southern African side, as it is one of the economic shortcuts between the Asian continent and the European continent.
  • Helping the new Suez Canal to reduce the waiting time in the canal to three hours, thereby reducing the crossing time of the canal to eleven hours instead of eighteen hours.
  • The channel does not contain a water gate system, as many channels use gates to raise and lower ships in areas that have different water levels, while the new Suez Canal is located between the White Sea and the Red Sea, which have the same levels of water.
  • Helping the channel in increasing Egyptian income from hard currency, as well as providing job opportunities for a large number of Egyptian youth.

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The canal extends at sea level from the northern side of the Mediterranean to the southern part of the Red Sea, on the territory of the Egyptian Republic, within an area called the isthmus of Suez, and it forms the shortest water route between the European continent and the countries bordering the Indian Ocean and the western Pacific, and is also considered One of the busiest and most used waterways in the world, the length of the canal reaches approximately one hundred and ninety three kilometers, and extends from the city of Port Said, which is located in the north of Egypt, towards the Suez region in the south of the country, the channel passes through a number of lakes, including Lake A For status, bitter lakes, and alligator lake.

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The importance of the Suez Canal

The importance of the Suez Canal lies in the fact that it was shortened by the way and time taken by ships destined for commercial shipping, coming from the European continent towards the countries in Africa, the Middle East, and the Far East, where they were circling around the southern parts of the African continent, in order to Reaching the countries of the African continent, and the Middle East, as it helped reduce the cost of maritime shipping, thus making the prices acceptable to most traders by sea.

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