Adventure tourism differs from traditional tourism, which depends on the basic principles followed by many people, but in the era of modern technologies we began to see adventure tourism after the spread of social networking sites that motivated people to take part in these new experiences.

And because adventure tourism may result in surprising things that were not taken into account, some things should be taken care of when taking a trip of this kind.

We give you some advice that may help you on your interesting trips:

First tip: We present to you a “medicine box”. A box must be found containing all the necessary treatments for colds, pain relief pain for muscles, and pills to relieve headaches and aches. The adventurer must be familiar with first aid.

The second advice: Those who do adventure tourism must know very well how to use maps, how to use the compass and know directions in order not to lose the way.

Third tip: Adventure must have some skills such as horse riding, swimming, knowledge of driving a car, motorcycle and bicycle, and how to change tires and others.

Fourth text: Practical and leisurely clothing is the basis for the trip. With frequent walks, proper sports shoes must be worn.

Fifth tip: Prepare well for the trip and readers about it carefully and study everything related to the intended destination and ask friends about it in the event that someone has already gone to it.

Sixth advice: It is necessary to know the emergency contact numbers and the embassy numbers of your country at the destination.

As for our last advice It is the recovery with the experience and join with a group that has a guide guide who knows the area to make the trip easier.

Adventure tourism ... Here are these tips
Adventure tourism … Here are these tips

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