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Tourist activities such as desert safari and skiing from the highest mountain slopes covered with snow or setting off for a walk among the difficult terrain are commonplace among travelers, and the holidays are no longer limited to seeing the sights in cities. In some countries, such as Nepal, GDP depends on the adventures that underpin tourism. Although we live in the age of the Internet and communications, many adventure activities are still unfamiliar and retain their fundamental essence.

Below is a list of the strangest activities to try on your next adventure.

Mountain biking on the path of death in Bolivia

The North Yongas Road that passes through the city of Bolivia, also known as the “Road of Death”, attracts many adventurers and tourists. Every year, hundreds of cyclists try to take this downhill road with its sharp turns and narrow paths, as well as gravel and mud, which it covers instead of asphalt. Although this road causes about 300 deaths every year, this adventure remains the most exciting in the world, but tourists still flock to it because of its wonderful scenes of picturesque valleys, dense interlocking forests, misty clouds and running water currents.

Skiing towards Antarctica in Antarctica

Antarctica is one of the few wasteland areas remaining on the surface of our planet; it is dominated by harsh climatic conditions that test human skills and their ability to survive, and it is now a base for various research laboratories of many countries. But the real challenge on this continent is a ski trip to the South Pole, where that trip takes 50 or 60 days and requires high levels of fitness, physical strength, energy and endurance side by side, as well as sound mental strength and high fighting spirit, as the duration of skiing in The normal day is 7 or 8 hours over quiet, secluded, ice caps, you will not find any plants or animals in this part of the continent, there are only freezing rocks and endless streaks of white snow, blue sky and daylight that does not stop 24 hours.

Skiing on the sands of Cerro Blanco in Peru

Peru is known for its mysterious sites associated with the lost Inca civilization, its cities and its villages located at high altitude. In Peru. Experience a thrilling experience and enjoy the vast desert view as you ski on fine sand.

Skydiving in Kamchatka, Russia

Kamchatka, located in Russia, is characterized by a harsh environment and a difficult life, as the severe cold and extremely low temperatures, along with heavy snow and lack of oxygen, make it one of the most difficult places to travel on earth. Imagine jumping in these harsh conditions in a dangerous adventure that is only available to certified skydiving enthusiasts who have proven their ability to have such an experience. Bold. You will be blessed to see many charming views during your trip to the ground, where you will enjoy amazing views of the most beautiful landmarks of the city, from the volcano to the hot springs to the vast prairie spaces.

A journey through the freezing Zanskar River in India

Heavy snow falls every year and temperatures drop below zero, turning the great Zanskar River, a tributary of the Indus River, into a solid ice mass. It is the lifeblood and the only means of communication in Ladakh, in the state of Jammu and Indian Kashmir. The adventure lies in walking along this freezing river, which has a temperature of about 20 degrees below zero when you step over the freezing river, and even pitch tents on the ice sheets and spend the night in freezing cold. Stormy weather and unstable ice sheets make the journey difficult, requiring high levels of fitness and mental strength.

Skiing on the Cerro Negro volcano in Nicaragua

The active Cerro Negro volcano is located on the borders outside Lyon, Nicaragua, and is a popular destination for adventure seekers, where they can ski at the foot of the volcano, full of excitement and gravity, where the massive speeds lead to great frictions with the volcanic pebbles that make any simple movement able to change the path of the plank. It slips across the sharp slope of Cerro Negro, which can cause many wounds, bruises, and bruises that the wetsuit cannot protect against.

Skydiving over the Victoria Falls in Zambia

The Victoria Falls in Zambia is one of the most magnificent sights in the world and looks beautiful when viewed from above. Adventurers come to this region to skydive their parachutes and enjoy splendid views of charming waterfalls, rainbows, thick fog and vast African vistas while parachuting to the ground.


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