Advice for travelers to China for the first time

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Although the country of China often appears in the headlines almost every day, it still seems to many closer to an unknown world, charming and full of mysteries and mysteries, and this makes traveling to China for the first time a very amazing experience but incredibly confusing, and to help you prepare in a way Best for your first trip to China, the most populous country on the planet, Here is a set of important tips for travelers to China for the first time:

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Try to break the language barrier:

The Chinese language is one of the most difficult languages ​​in the world, so travelers to China are often concerned about the possibility of communicating with others while they are in China, but fortunately the English language has now become one of the most widespread languages ​​in China so that Chinese children have become They study English at the elementary level, in addition to that, workers in hotels and tourist resorts are able to speak English well, but this does not mean that you should completely ignore the Chinese language, try to break the language barrier and learn several words or phrases in the Chinese language. You find that this is not only beneficial but also fun, it is always great to try out new languages.

Make sure to select the areas you want to visit:

China is really vast and its area is huge huge, as it contains an endless number of wonderful tourist destinations that any tourist may wish to visit, it contains a group of the highest mountains in the world and a number of the largest deserts in the world, in addition to a lot of remote forests, And the pastures that seem as endless, add to this huge number of temples and ancient antique buildings, and if we start talking about modern Chinese cities and what they contain from giant commercial centers and impressive tourist attractions, you will find that in front of you a list of endless areas and wonderful tourist destinations that you can visit E you are in China, of course, will not be able to visit all the sights and wonderful tourist destinations in China during a tourist trip one, so the best that the tourist areas you want to visit in China instead of wasting time trying to explore all tourist destinations there sets.

It is preferable to focus on a limited number of tourist destinations in nearby areas, and perhaps you should start exploring one of the following Chinese provinces:


It is a Chinese province that contains three main regions, you can go to the center or south of the province to see the bamboo forests and the beautiful Chinese villages, and you can go north to see a group of beautiful lakes and the stunning scenery of the high mountains and Tibetan grasslands.

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This province is famous for containing vast areas of rice fields in addition to a number of amazing natural areas.


If you spend the entire period of your trip in Beijing, this will be more than enough for you. In Beijing, you will find many wonderful world-famous tourist destinations, for example: the Great Wall of China, the famous Tiananmen Square, the Forbidden City and the Summer Palace, the old Hutong alleys and gardens. Majestic Empire.

Don’t forget to check out the weather:

The weather in China is very good and ideal for traveling largely throughout the months of the year, but sudden and bad weather conditions can happen anywhere in the world, so make sure to check the weather well before you travel to China Do not cause strong strong winds or a wave of torrential rain to spoil Your trip, in general, the best time to visit China is often during the spring and autumn seasons.

Use public transportation:

Instead of using taxis and airplanes to travel within cities or travel between Chinese cities and towns, use public buses and trains to explore the different tourist areas and destinations in China and see how the locals live.

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Eat lots and lots of food:

There are a lot of great historical and tourist attractions in China, but do not let this distract you from one of the most famous tourist attractions in China, which is delicious Chinese food that has always succeeded in arousing admiration for all its delicious and varied flavors, the Chinese food is very diverse How to prepare them varies from region to region, and you will notice the difference yourself if you try to eat in two different Chinese provinces.

Other additional tips:

China is one of the largest markets in the world and you will find an endless number of commodities of various qualities, especially electronic goods, so make sure you know well what you want to buy and the specifications of the commodity that you want to buy before completing the purchase.

There are many wonderful tourist destinations in China, so try to avoid the crowded tourist destinations that thousands of tourists visit every day. Also, try to avoid visiting China during the holiday season because the crowds will be more than you can imagine and often make your tourist trip a real nightmare.

Avoid visiting Chinese restaurants for foreigners, which are often frequented by non-Chinese, because their prices are often exaggerated, as they offer foods with non-authentic and very good recipes compared to the original recipes for their desire to emulate what they think is the “Western taste” of food.

Avoid buying luxury goods in China because they are too expensive due to the luxury tax that is imposed on them. You can buy this type of commodity from Hong Kong if you have time to travel there.

You do not expect to be able to use Facebook or Google in China easily due to the ban and censorship laws on the Internet in China.

Advice for travelers to China for the first time - Advice for travelers to China for the first time
Advice for travelers to China for the first time

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Don’t forget to lose the weather

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China is one of the largest markets in the world

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Make sure to select the areas you want to visit


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