Air Algerie is the official air carrier of the Republic of Algeria and one of the oldest leading airlines around the world with a life of more than 72 years (since March 1947), and a member of Arab, international and African air transport federations since 1968.
The Algerian Airlines carries about 6 million passengers annually to 75 local and international destinations around the world through a modern and developed fleet of aircraft reaching 56 aircraft with an average age of 11 years, and it operates from its administrative building in the center of the capital Algiers as well from the Houari Boumediene International Airport.
During the article, we review the most important advantages and services provided by Air Algerie, with answers to the most common questions about its dealings with its customers.

    Algerian airlines

Characteristics of Algerian Airlines

Air Algerie enjoys a set of benefits that it seeks to comfort and satisfy its travelers throughout the duration of the trip, such as:
• A modern and sophisticated fleet of aircraft, staffed by highly trained staff and undergoing regular maintenance, to ensure customer safety and comfort.
Comfortable seats with pillow and cover to help you sleep, lie back and relax in peace.
• High-level hospitality service, where varied meals are served from local and international kitchens and free welcome drinks of various grades, to suit the class, destination and length of the trip.
• Entertainment programs and content to suit different tastes and ages, with video on demand and a print magazine.
• The ability to shop without customs and luxurious lounges to receive major visitors from its passengers at airports.
• Special care for patients, people with special needs, and children traveling without a companion (ages 5 to 11).
Providing medical assistance in case of emergency, with the possibility of purchasing additional seats.
Ease of making and managing reservations and check-in on Algerian Airlines flights, with a unique program for frequent flyers.

Onboard services

Air Algerie provides high-quality, comfortable and satisfactory hospitality services to its customers traveling on its flights, which are:

the food

Air Algerie provides its passengers on various destinations and grades a variety of international Arab local dishes prepared with fresh seasonal ingredients, in the hands of the most skilled chefs, and by using a variety of display and presentation methods, in addition to a list of drinks served throughout the trip.
The menu and the number of meals provided vary depending on the destination and the length of the trip, with the possibility to order special meals even 48 hours before the flight.


Air Algerie provides on-demand audio and video services to follow a series of modern and classic local and international films in several languages, in addition to the audio library that includes multiple readings from the Holy Qur’an and a variety of Algerian, Arabic and French songs, with programs, TV series and video games for children, with On her long flights for various destinations and classes of travel.
Algerian aviation also provides a service magazine printed on its flights to get to know the latest local and international events, addresses of authorities, hotels and the most important tourist places in Algeria.


Air Algerie provides comfortable seats with individual headrests for added comfort and relaxation, with personal seat screens and modern headphones to follow the various entertainment contents.

the shopping

Air Algerie provides the opportunity to shop between a variety of luxury and elegant products for the most famous international brands in the field of cosmetics, perfumes and tobacco from the duty-free zone with the ability to pay in foreign currency. You can also enjoy a valuable free gift during the purchase process.

Travel destinations on Algerian airlines

Air Algerie provides travel experience to 32 national destinations and 43 international destinations on the level of 4 continents around the world, the most important of which are at the level of the Middle East:
Airline flights from / to Algiers
Algerian flights from / to Cairo
Flights Algeria to / from Casablanca
Airline flights from / to Tunis
Airline flights from / to Amman Jordan
Algerian flights from / to Dubai
Airline flights from / to Riyadh
Flights from / to Beirut

Travel classes on Air Algeria

Air Algerie provides its passengers with 3 classes for traveling on board their flights that differ among themselves in terms of the benefits they offer to passengers, such as:

Business Class / First Class

The two grades offer travelers similar advantages, including:
✓ Priority check-in and airport access, with a high-level waiting and hosting facility that provides spaces for doing business, using computers, surfing the Internet and print newspapers.
✓ A varied menu of free drinks is served throughout the trip.
✓ A varied selection of fresh local and international dishes, with special meals for dieters.
ترفيه Various entertainment content suitable for different ages and tastes and in many languages ​​presented through modern personal displays.
خاصة A special magazine presented on board the plane that deals with the most important international issues and events, with a review of the most important information and contact information for authorities, hotels and tourist places in Algeria.

economy class

This degree is provided to its travelers:
اقتصادية Affordable and competitive budget fares for other airlines, with occasional promotions and for various destinations.
✓ Diverse and delicious meals for travelers on Algerian medium and long-haul flights, with free drinks throughout the trip and food menus for special dieters.
✓ The ability to shop from free markets in different foreign currencies for a variety of commodities from the most prestigious international brands.

Air Algerie ticket prices

You can book your ticket on Algerian Airlines through the website that provides you seat reservation services, choose meals, amend and change data, change the route of the trip or follow up on its details, manage your transit flights, pay the ticket using credit cards, manage your personal account on the program Air Algerie Plus for frequent travelers.
You can also book traditionally through the offices of agents affiliated with the Algerian Airlines Company in different cities and countries, and get the necessary information about the company’s flights through the contact center numbers of its headquarters in Algeria, France and Switzerland.
The price of Algerian Airlines flight tickets, of course, varies according to several factors such as: destination, class of travel, tourist season, promotions, and special requests.

Algerian aviation and baggage policy

The weight of the baggage that is permitted to carry during flights on Algerian Airlines varies according to the destination country and the degree of travel, but it should not exceed 20 kg in the case of traveling on ATR aircraft with a total dimensions of 158 cm, and in the case of travel on other types of aircraft, the baggage must be divided It weighs 32 kg in several bags, while allowing 10 kg of carry-on baggage for the infant during the trip and free medical assistance facilities for the disabled.
As for handicrafts such as computers and cameras, it is first necessary to identify the baggage that is prohibited to carry during flights of Algerian airlines or that require special packaging conditions such as devices and batteries for the Samsung Note 7, for example.
Otherwise, it is allowed to carry one 10-passenger hand luggage with a total weight of 115 cm on regular aircraft cabins, and a weight of 5 kg and a total of 90 cm dimensions on ATR aircraft cabins.
In the event that the permissible free baggage limit is exceeded, additional fees vary depending on the destination country and the size and number of pieces of luggage, or their transport in cargo freight aircraft, especially if it is one of the luggage that requires special transport and packaging procedures.
Note that weights may vary from time to time, in which case the company will clarify the weights permitted for the passenger to the extent of his travel during the reservation.

Completion of travel procedures on Algerian airlines

You can check-in on Air Algerie in two steps:
First: Using a laptop, tablet, or smartphone, and by connecting to the Internet from anywhere, e-ticket holders can check-in and end outstanding travel procedures, saving them a lot of time.
The second: Heading to the airport check-in office 3 hours before the departure of short to medium flights, 4 hours for long trips to confirm the registration permanently and obtain a boarding pass.
Please note that the check-in desks of the Algerian airlines at different airports close their doors and do not accept the registration of any passenger within the last 45 minutes from the time of departure for domestic flights, 60 minutes from the date of international flights, 90 minutes from the date of long flights.

Summary of customer reviews

According to 386 comments of people who have traveled on its flights, Air Algerie got 2.5 / 5 on Tripadvisor to book and evaluate flights.

common questions

The following paragraphs answer all inquiries that you have about your minds and their dealings with their clients:

How many people can I book and buy tickets for on the Air Algerie website?

You can book and buy for a maximum of 9 adults above 12 years and children under this age and infants under two years provided that the number of infants is equal to or less than the number of adults traveling.

What is the validity period of the reservation on Air Algerie flights?

Whether you choose to book and buy on the company’s website with a local credit card to travel from Algeria or between its internal states or by paying cash in foreign currency for travel between different destinations, the validity of the reservation will continue for 5 hours before the trip.
But if you choose to book online and then buy the ticket and pay for it through the offices of Algerian airline agents in different countries of the world, the validity of the reservation will last up to 5 days before the flight.
As for booking and buying through the agents’ offices, it gives you a validity of up to 48 hours until the date of the trip, during which you will be notified with messages via your email before canceling the reservation by the end of the period.

How can I change the date of my flight?

The change and modification of airline flight reservation data is related to the degree, price and extent of particiAl Bahahn in promotional offers, so some travel reservations may allow this while others do not.
To change the flight dates and amend the travel data, please go to the local airline of your country, or contact the company’s contact center via the following numbers:
Algeria: 021321986363, France: 033176544000, Switzerland: 041215309483.

What do I do if I lose my ticket?

The reservation data has become registered on the company database for reference at any time, so you can simply print it from home through the reservation management department of the site or by using the nearest office of the Algerian airlines.

How can I redeem my ticket that I did not use?

You can direct a request for a refund of your ticket to the party from which you purchased either the website using international credit cards, the local banks that used their credit card to purchase your ticket, an affiliate / non-affiliated airline of Algeria, using the Air Algerie miles program.
Your request will be answered within a maximum period of 6 months from the date it was received.

Can someone else’s ticket be paid with my credit card?

Yes, it is possible through the website of the Algerian airline.

The Algerian Airlines website does not accept the purchase of a ticket using my credit card, what should I do?

The site accepts payment with credit cards of type Visa, MasterCard, Maestro in various foreign currencies, CIB Bank credit cards, Algeria Gold Post Card, but it may refuse the card data if the balance is insufficient or of limited value, it was stopped or frozen for any reason, Not eligible to buy online.
You can contact the company’s customer service via the website or the call center phones to inquire about the reason at any time.

How can I register online?

Through the reservation management section of the website, enter the family name, reservation reference number and the data of the people traveling with you on the same reservation, then choose the seats, confirm your reservation and print the special receipt that will reach your email, which does not completely replace the boarding pass.

What is the Algeria Air Plus program?

It is the loyalty program offered by Air Algerie to its frequent travelers, which enables them to earn more miles whenever they travel on their flights, spend them in the form of flights or free distances for different destinations, flexibility in baggage weights, upgrade the degree, which means obtaining a greater number of miles as the number of miles varies The degree and length of travel varies.

What do I do if one of my luggage is lost when traveling with Air Algerie?

The luggage authority of the Air Algerie company must be notified in writing immediately upon arrival at the destination airport and for a maximum of 3 days, along with the receipt of the lost baggage registration and identification receipts with a list of the contents of each piece in detail, knowing that the company does not bear the responsibility for any valuable belongings not registered in the plane’s store (Hand luggage carried on cabin plane).

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