Your comprehensive guide to Al-Baghdadiyah, Jeddah or Al-Akbar neighborhood, as people used to call it. This neighborhood is considered one of the oldest neighborhoods in the city of Jeddah and is considered one of the most important monuments in the city that has a great history and sold a great heritage. In this district was inhabited by famous and well-known personalities It has buildings for embassies and consulates from all over the world, and many well-known and famous athletes in all areas were born in this neighborhood, and there were a lot of stadiums dedicated to football and also inhabited in this neighborhood a lot of famous artists, many celebrities and senior society.
Al-Baghdadiya district is considered one of the first neighborhoods to announce its revolt against the old wall in Jeddah. This neighborhood was divided now after its residents left it and moved away from it, so it became an area of ​​four square kilometers, divided by the city road, and it was divided and named the west of the road in the western Baghdadiya neighborhood and the other side in eastern Baghdadiya Al Sharqi, which is the old part, and with many leaving this neighborhood and moving them away from it except the italyn consulate, it preferred to stay in its place and not leave it and move it like what the rest of them did.

Where is the neighborhood of Baghdad located?

The western part of Al-Baghdadiyah neighborhood is considered to be the part that is adjacent to the seashore as it overlooks a lake called the Forty Lake. This part of the current period consists of several modern buildings with a maximum height of nearly seven floors. Also, this western part now witnesses a lot of urban buildings New construction.

The most famous residents of Al-Baghdadiyah district are:

  • House known as the house of the architect.
  • A house called the Sulaiman House.
  • A house called the Alljawi House.
  • Another house they call a house gauge.
  • A house called the Rajhan House.
  • A house people call the house of Nana.
  • A house named Bait Halawa.
  • A house known to the people of the neighborhood as the House of Skulls.
  • A house called the people of the neighborhood Beit Amin.
  • A house called Abu Dawood House.
  • Finally, a house called Al-Baghdadi House.

The reason for naming this district Al-Baghdadiyah district is:

There was a man called al-Baghdadi, and he was one of the first to live in this neighborhood, and this is why the people who inhabited this neighborhood after him called him Al-Baghdadiyah neighborhood, according to him.

Apartments for rent in Jeddah Al-Baghdadiya Al Gharbiyah:

  • Apartment for rent located in Schools Street at a price of 1.500 Saudi riyals.
  • Apartment for rent located in Jeddah Al-Modon Street at a price of 27,000 Saudi riyals.
  • Apartment for rent in schools street, price 19,800 Saudi riyals.
  • Apartment for rent in King’s Road, price 23,000 Saudi riyal.
  • Apartment for rent in Tiba Street, price 20,000 SAR.
  • Apartment for rent in Kingdom Street, price 14,000 Saudi riyal.

Apartments for sale in Jeddah Al-Baghdadiya Al Gharbiyah District:

In view of the prestige and hospitality of this neighborhood in the hearts of the people of Jeddah, we find that the prices of apartments and real estate are somewhat distinctive, and this is a list of the most important apartments offered for sale in this neighborhood with an explanation of the price required for them, namely:

  • Apartment in Andalus Street, where the price of 530,000 Saudi riyals is required.
  • Apartment for sale in Al Ula Street, price 700,000 SAR.
  • Apartment for sale in Abqaiq Street, price is 790,000 Saudi riyal.
  • Apartment for sale in Abqaiq Street, price 490,000 Saudi riyal.
  • Apartment for sale in Al Muzahmia Street, price 650,000 Saudi riyal.
  • Apartment for sale located in Taiba Street, price 690,000 SAR.

Some of the places in the Baghdad district are:

There are a number of famous places which are considered one of the landmarks in this neighborhood, which many people come to these places such as:

  • India Gate Restaurant.
  • Al-Azhar Hotel.
  • Computer system.
  • The Village.
  • Hospitality restaurant.

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