Al Boom Tourist Village Guide, Dubai – United Arab Emirates

المسافرون العرب

The city of Dubai is distinguished by its many distinct tourist destinations, most notably the Al Boom Tourist Village in Dubai, which overlooks the sea tongue, Dubai Creek, which is an important port for commercial and tourist ships in the city.
It is worth noting that Dubai is one of the most famous tourist destinations in the world today, as it is also known as the shopping capital, besides it includes many tourist resorts and villages.
Through Arab travelers you will be able to take a tour inside the village of Al Boom, which will enable you to know the most prominent places there that are worth visiting.

The most prominent places in Al Boom Tourist Village in Dubai

This village was built for those who want to establish a special and special occasion, and the most important places are:

1. Liwa ship

  • It is considered primarily a fishing vessel.
  • Upon boarding you will be able to enjoy the scenic view, which includes the most prominent landmarks of the city.

2. Zaman first restaurant

  • It is one of the most famous restaurants in the village and Dubai Incense, and it has an excellent strategic location because it is located near the Burj Khalifa which is the tallest tower in the world.
  • The restaurant specializes in serving many traditional Emirati dishes, as well as international cuisine.
  • One of the most distinguishing features of the restaurant is also the decoration designed in the old Emirati style, as its seats are inspired by the cultural heritage of the country.
  • The restaurant also contains many historical symbols of the Emirates.

3. Dara ship

  • When you tour the village, you will also find a Dara ship that the village is keen to show visitors.
  • This ship was called the “Titanic of the Gulf”, because in 1961 it was sunk, carrying between 500 and 100 passengers.

4. Excellent ship

  • Its restaurants are distinguished by serving the best Arab and international dishes, and also includes many tables and banquets, as well as a buffet.
  • The tonnage of that ship reaches about 300 personnel.

5. Freej Village

  • It is a village inspired by the famous cartoon series, which was considered the first Emirati cartoon series.
  • The village includes the most prominent figures and houses built in the same style found in the series, along with many heritage sites.

6. Knowing compound

  • One of the oldest boats in Dubai, as it is almost 80 years old.
  • The upper deck of the boat contains a café, while the lower deck includes a center dedicated to traditional Emirati handicrafts.
  • Aref boat was used primarily for the purposes of trade between the city of Dubai and a number of Asian countries.

The village is also an ideal choice for those who want to hold a wedding there, because it includes many wedding halls that enable grooms and guests to celebrate on board its ships, ensuring that they spend a special and unforgettable time there.
Besides, the village enables you to take wonderful cruises on board its ships, which offer you great dinner meals, ensuring that visitors spend a pleasant time there.

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