Al-Forsan International Sports Resort offers a wonderful and unique shooting experience among all sports resorts in the world in general. In addition to its distinction, his visit not only provides the opportunity to practice shooting sport; it also gives the opportunity to practice most types of sports using the latest equipment and accompanied by a sparkling group of the best coaches from all over the world. This resort attracts an increasing number of sports enthusiasts from all over the world, and knowing the reason for this requires only a few minutes, which is the time needed to read the current topic prepared for you by the Arab travelers on this distinguished sports resort.

Al Forsan International Sports Resort offers a great archery experience

This is due to several reasons, the most important of which are the following:

  • Shooting practice at the resort provides an opportunity to choose between the different types of shooting, the most prominent of which are Olympic systems, shooting systems with guns and pistols, and clay plates.
  • The resort includes 4 air-conditioned, luxurious booths that include 5 platforms in addition to the Compaq.
  • Shooting practice at the resort enables to practice archery from multiple levels of honor.
  • The resort has 3 Olympic squares with double traps.
  • The resort includes 3 squares with automatic traps, and includes 6 playgrounds for shooting.
  • The resort allows its visitors to rent the latest types of equipment necessary for practicing shooting sports of various kinds.
  • Among the most popular types of weapons available to him who are interested in shooting practice are the Sage 9 mm pistol, the 44-magnum Taurus pistol, the 9-mm Crassal pistol, the Anschots rifle, the Caracall 1/2 automatic rifle, and the Roger 1/2 automatic rifle. .

It is worth noting that to enjoy shooting in this glorious resort requires the following documents for adults:

  • Identity card.
  • passport.
  • Driving License.

For persons under the age of 18, the necessary documents are as follows:

  • Guardian ID card.
  • Identity card for a person younger than 18 years old.
  • A formal waiver signed by the guardian.

Sections of Al-Forsan International Sports Resort

The resort is not limited to the archery section, but includes many distinct sections as follows:

Equestrian department

  • Includes internal and external fields to practice.
  • Its square is fully lit.
  • His stables are equipped according to international standards.
  • One of the best destinations for riders from all over the world.
  • Training and horse riding are provided by skilled trainers certified by the British Horse Association.
  • It provides the opportunity to practice horse riding and barriers for the amateur and the professional.
  • Many courses are offered such as horse taming and stables management.
  • Camps are organized for children.
  • It provides training for women only.
  • An estimated 167 horses are present.

Department of Pitbull

  • It includes two halls to play the Bitboat game in addition to two competitions stadiums.
  • Two halls are characterized by each of them inside an air-conditioned hall.
  • There are many options for playing pitbull for different ages and different skill levels.
  • The Pitbull players are welcomed until late at night, to provide integrated lighting.

Motor sports section

  • The course length is 2.1 km.
  • Equipped at the highest level according to the standards of the International Karting Federation.
  • Available in 3 types of karting cars in the current period, they are: Advanced speed of 70 mph, Senior at 50 mph, and Cadet speed of 30 mph.
  • It hosts corporate events, birthday parties, karting lessons, and motor racing.

Water sports department

  • Suitable for amateurs and professionals alike.
  • It has a huge cable attached to the banks of artificial lakes, and the cable capacity reaches 13 people per minute.
  • It provides the opportunity to enjoy boating, using mono boards, wakeboarding, and wakeboard.
  • It provides training courses on water sports of all kinds.
  • It includes a shop that sells the best types of tools needed for water sports.
  • It provides its visitors with various types of safety and security equipment during water sports.
  • It holds many distinguished competitions.

Ways to communicate with Al Forsan International Sports Resort

  • TitleStreet No. 12 in Khalifa City, near the Abu Dhabi Golf Club.
  • Telephone number: +971 2 656 5656/800 9900.
  • Fax Number: +971 2 556 8777.
  • E-mail: [email protected]

The most important facilities of Al Forsan International Sports Resort

  • football yard.
  • basketball court.
  • Handball field.
  • Volleyball court.
  • tennis playground.
  • Children’s club.
  • Como restaurant overlooking the car race circuit.
  • The Quiche Restaurant, whose visit provides the opportunity to experience the most delicious types of Asian cuisine.
  • Equestrian restaurant specialized in providing delicious types of snacks.

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