Algeria tourism – the best places for tourism in Algeria

المسافرون العرب

Algeria tourism, a comprehensive guide on the most beautiful tourist areas that you can visit in Algeria in addition to the costs of transportation, different transportation, the value of each, hotels, types, and how you can save on your visit to Algeria, and enjoy your time at the same time.
Algeria is one of the most important countries that you have to visit to collect it between the past Iraq, the beauty of nature from the plains, valleys, and the desert, and at the same time there are many tourist attractions that embody the Phoenician era, the Byzantine era, the Romen rug as well as the beauty of Islamic antiquities.

The most beautiful tourist areas in Algeria:

We will talk about the most beautiful places that can not be visited in Algeria, and not to pass through, and the best, time to visit Algeria is between September and June, and the sufficient period is between one week and three weeks.

Tourism in the capital, Algiers:

Among the most beautiful areas that attract tourists in Algeria, and the most historic Iraq at all, and a combination of the past and the present where you will find an ancient part that includes ancient ruins, and a modern part with huge commercial complexes, cafes, and restaurants that prepare Algerian dishes very delicious.
The most important tourist areas in the capital are the following:

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The shrine of the martyr:

It was built in the year 1982 AD to commemorate the martyrs of the Algerian revolution, and to get rid of colonialism, which is also known as Riad Al-Fateh, and it was constructed in the form of 3 palm trees gathered together, and shared in the end as a symbol of the three liberation times. In the Maqamal there are statues to symbolize each era, and it embodies the splendor of the architecture, its length exceeds 26 meters, and the center of the shrine is a very beautiful dome.

Bardo Museum:

  • The museum has many monuments dating back to prehistoric times and ethnography. The museum was built in 1930 in the colonial period, and the Bardo Museum has a palace dating back to the Ottoman eras, and it is eloquent in its beauty.
  • You can walk around the palace in the museum to note the Ottoman ingenuity in the architecture, their interest in it, and see many of the excavations that were found in Algeria in addition to many of the artifacts found in the museum such as pots, pottery, and various fabrics in addition to the jewelry that the ancient man used in adornment.
  • The museum is open all week except Friday, and it opens its doors to receive visitors from nine o’clock in the morning until five o’clock in the evening.

Army Museum:

The Algerians are among the most proud of its history, which honored its martyrs. They have lived through many difficult colonial conditions, and this is why the Army Museum was established to display the photos of the martyrs who were martyred during their desperate defense of the country, especially the immortal martyr in heaven, Jamila Bou Azza, which was one of the most prominent opponents during the occuAl Bahahn of the country .

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National Park:

It contains a lot of green spaces in addition to places for young children to be able to play, and enjoy their time with ease, in addition to areas containing various famous animals, and places to eat.

experiments Garden:

Contains many types of plants, and trees that live for many years, and they contain more than two thousand species of plants in addition to the beautiful water fountains, which makes them one of the largest, and the loads of gardens in the capital Algiers.


It contained many palaces and artifacts, and it was stolen and violated by the French during their occuAl Bahahn of the country, but it still has many monuments, which made it a world tourist destination, and it belongs to UNESCO since 1992.

The city of Oran:

It is considered one of the largest Algerian cities after Algeria, and it contains an important sea port for the country’s economy.
There is a city, Oran, at a distance of 432 km from the capital, to the south-north. It includes many tourist areas and wonderful beaches, which make it one of the most important tourist attractions in the country.

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  • It is also known as the pearl of the Maghreb because of the many activities and monuments in it, as the city of Tlemcen still retains its jewelery of the impressive Andalusian ruins, and the city is located inside vineyards and olives, which increases the beauty of nature in it.
  • National Park: It is a natural place that contains caves, dazzling waterfalls, and you will feel the uniqueness in the arms of nature in this dazzling place.
  • The Cave of Bani Aad is one of the most important landmarks of Tlemcen, as its depth exceeds seven and fifty meters below the surface of the earth.

Hill City Plateau:

One of the most beautiful hills in the city, and quieter in addition to the possibility to take a tour of the boats in the pond to enjoy an irreplaceable experience.

Annaba, and its impressive beaches:

It is one of the most beautiful tourist cities in Algeria, and it contains monuments dating back to ancient Romen times.

  • There are beautiful beaches in the city that have pure, clean golden sand. In addition to this, the city includes many museums, picnics, as well as many antiquities belonging to antiquity that the city has lived in.
  • St. Augustine Church: One of the most prominent archaeological sites in Annaba, which is visited by many tourists from outside, and inside the country thanks to the beauty of architecture, and the splendor of design that embodies historical eras at the North African gateway to Algeria.
  • Hippon Museum: It is located near the Church of St. Augustine, and some may be fooled by the museum’s position because of its small size, but on the contrary the museum contains a huge number of antiquities dating back to antiquity, and it is not allowed to take pictures in the museum in order to preserve the luster of artifacts in it.
  • Saraydi Park: If you are looking for a quiet place to rest, and for an unforgettable walk, this is the place for you. The park has many trees, stunning landscapes, as well as beautiful beaches near it, and places to stay overnight.

Constantine, where the most beautiful bridges are:

  • Constantine is also called the city of bridges, as it contains bridges linking the different parts of the city, where the city was built on the harsh limestone rocks, which increased its beauty, and made it an attractive pearl for tourists from different parts of the world, and the city contains many antiquities dating back to the ages before. Date.

The cost of tourism in Algeria:

Tourism in Algeria, and its cost depends mainly on where you will stay, the length of stay, and the activities you seek to participate in.

Cost of accommodation in Algeria:

  • There are unclassified hostels, often intended by young people, and they offer rooms for ten dollars a night, and the hostel does not provide many services.
  • With regard to the hotels subject to classification, they differ among themselves with regard to the secret, and often the price of an overnight stay starts, one of forty dollars.
  • For luxury hotels, which have international fame, prices start from $ 150 per night, and may reach $ 350.
  • If you want to stay in Algeria for a long time, it is better for you to rent an apartment, and you will find some places that provide apartments with services such as washing clothes, and cleaning them. As for apartments in popular areas, they do not provide services.

The cost of transportation in Algeria:

Transportation will no longer be a problem, as Algeria is equipped with a vast train network that passes through all the main cities in the town, and its costs are simple. As for tourism for families, it is better to ride a rental car or rent a car with a driver, and often the price of a driverless car rental reaches 50 dollars per day, and the leg 150 dollars per day.

The cost of food in Algeria:

If you are looking for modest food that is sufficient for one person with good service, you will find that the price of the meal does not exceed 3 dollars.
For luxury restaurants, which provide service at the highest level, the price of the meal is $ 65

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