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The city of Algiers is considered the capital of the People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria, and it is also called the White Algeria, due to its bright white buildings, with an area of ​​440 square kilometers,
It is located on the western shore of the Mediterranean Sea.

History of Algiers

Algeria was founded in 944 AD, and before its official establishment, it was a commercial center, as it was the center of a politician of the Berber Zerid dynasty of Sinhaja until the twelfth century, and in the sixteenth century the Ottoman Empire took over the rule of the city, and in 1830 AD the city and the state were completely occupied by the forces French, and the capital was then known as the French capital of Algeria, until it became independent in 1962 AD.

Residents of Algiers

The population of the Algiers region is estimated at about 3.4 million people, and the population density is about 11,000 people per 8,300 per square kilometer, and a different group of people from many different backgrounds and countries live in it, about 53% of people speak Arabic, 44% of Population is Berber language, while 3% of its population was born in a different country.

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Tourist places

The Casbah

The old Kasbah is the heart of the city of Algeria, which is a narrow labyrinth and sloping from the streets, and contains many Ottoman palaces, most of which gather around the Ketchaoua Mosque at the end of Ahmed Buzirina Street, and there were some fierce battles during the Battle of Algiers.

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Hassan Pasha House

It is considered one of the historical sites in Algeria, and it bears the name of its original owner Hassan Pasha, who was the ruler of Algeria in the past, and Dar Hassan Pasha is one of the largest palaces in the city, and the building contains a collection of illuminated manuscripts, and contemporary art from Arabic calligraphy for artists from various aspects of North Africa, and the East Middle.

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