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It is obvious that you think about the expected costs of any trip when planning it, and when you think about traveling to Turkey, the following question will come to your mind, how much does it cost to travel to Turkey?

To start with, you have to know that choosing a flight date makes the cost of travel to Turkey vary from time to time according to the seasons and dates of the year, especially if we talk about airline tickets and hotel accommodations.

For example, if you stay away from weekends and public holidays, you will save a lot, and hotels during the tourist seasons increase their prices significantly, you can avoid that

Let’s calculate the estimated cost for two people on a trip to Turkey:

We start with the price of travel tickets to Turkey, where the average ticket price to Turkey at other times than busy seasons is about $ 400 (1500 SAR)

For average hotels, the price per night in it ranges between $ 100 (375 SAR) to 150 $ (560 SAR) if the room is double for two people.

As for the cost of food, there are many options, including high-end restaurants, including medium and popular restaurants. We can estimate the cost of daily food at $ 150 in high-end tourist restaurants and $ 70 ($ 260) in medium restaurants.

Transportation varies according to the location of the residence, as there are hotels close to most of the city’s sights that you can reach on foot and there are places of residence far from the city center, but on average, the daily cost of public transportation reaches $ 20, while renting a private car can reach $ 120 ( 450 SAR)

Finally, the personal expense can be considered an amount of $ 300 (1125 SAR) appropriate if we consider shopping from this expense

So we have the total as follows:
800 $ (3000 SAR) The price of two travel tickets + 1000 $ (3750 SAR) approx housing for 7 nights + 100 $ (375 SAR) private car for airport transfers + 120 $ (450 SAR) transportation + 140 $ (525 SAR) daily food cost + 600 $ (2250 SAR) expenses for two people = 2760 $ (10350 SAR)

Let us now talk in some detail about the most important axes that must be recognized when talking about the cost of travel to Turkey:

How do you get a Turkish visa?

You can obtain a Turkish visa or a Turkish visa electronically and the price varies from one country to another and for the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council it is limited to 20 dollars (75 SAR) and for a period of 3 months from the date of issuance

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How much does it cost to travel to Turkey?

You can get a suitable price for your flight ticket to Turkey by pre-planning your flight time
If you have already determined your destination, the time you will travel and there is no possibility to change your travel time, we advise you to make an early reservation for your flight ticket and you will get a very appropriate price that may not exceed $ 400 (1500 SAR)

All about the cost of travel to Turkey - All about the cost of travel to Turkey

You can also book in one of the cheap airlines that offer suitable offers on the price of tickets, and one of the most important company Pegasus and Atlas Jet, which are Turkish airlines, in addition to other Arab and international companies such as flynas, Arab and others

It is very important to compare the prices of tickets offered by airlines to get a competitive price and thus reduce the cost of travel to Turkey

How much does it cost to stay in Turkey hotels?

First of all, you should know, dear tourist, that hotel prices in Turkey rise significantly during the tourist seasons, for example, a double room in a 4-star hotel is priced at $ 120 (450 SAR) in the tourist season, but at other times the price drops to $ 80 (300 r. s)

Hotels prices also depend heavily on their location, whether it is in the city center or close to the famous tourist attractions in them, so we see hotels that have a strategic location close to services, markets and attractions more expensive than their counterparts, which are located in extreme areas of the city

1581297963 985 All about the cost of travel to Turkey - All about the cost of travel to Turkey

Finally, the hotel classification and the level of services provided by it are a major factor in determining the price of their stay
Therefore, we advise you to take the previous factors and study them well before booking the hotel, and it is preferable to book online, in order to benefit from the use of different search engines to compare prices and get the best price.

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How much does transportation cost in Turkey?

The cities of Turkey and the neighborhoods in each of them are connected to a huge network of transportation and they are greatly developed, so you can decide what is the best and best means for you.
Transportation within the city can be by using public transportation available from buses, subways, etc. This option is the cheapest of approximately $ 20 (75 SAR) or by renting a private car with or without a driver and each has its costs

How much does a restaurant cost in Turkey?

As for restaurants, there are many options open to you, but let’s classify them as follows:
Tourist and high-end restaurants, these restaurants are the most expensive and for several reasons, including their location in tourist attractions, which raises the value of their rent, which compels it to compensate for that by raising the value of their food, so if you are looking for savings, we do not recommend these restaurants

Medium restaurants, these restaurants are distinguished by the quality of the food they offer and in Turkey many restaurants that are well-known among Arab tourists until they have preserved their names by heart, the prices of these restaurants are very appropriate and logical and are at a high level of cleanliness and quality

Popular restaurants, which are simple restaurants that offer traditional Turkish cuisine of meat, vegetables, etc. at cheap prices so that you can eat 3 meals for $ 20 (75 SAR)

Among the most popular folk foods in which Turkey is known, Iskander kebab, Turkish shawarma, dough meat, chi kofta and others

Markets in Turkey

We now come to the markets in our talk about the cost of travel to Turkey, as the markets in Turkey are very diverse and many, for there are modern commercial complexes and there are popular markets, some of which are historical

1581297963 556 All about the cost of travel to Turkey - All about the cost of travel to Turkey

Istanbul, for example, where you can find the largest commercial complexes such as Cevahir Mall, and you can also find popular and historical markets, the most important of which is the Grand Bazaar and the Egyptian market, as well as wholesale markets.

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So the cost for shopping in Turkey varies from person to person according to the purchasing nature and also the quality of products and brands, which determines the price of the commodity.

Personal expenses

The daily expense varies according to the number of individuals on the trip. For example, if the family is small, the daily expense can range between 150 to 300 $, which equals 1150 SAR.

Also, these expenses, as personal, differ from one person to another, so they can increase and may be less. For this reason, the amount of personal expenses contributes to the cost of travel to Turkey, you are the one who controls it

Some general advice

• Do not convert the currency in your country or airport, as it is often high and inappropriate, but you will find many exchange offices located throughout Turkey that do the service without additional fees.

• We advise you to buy a local SIM card and put it in your mobile phone for use within the Turkish borders, because making local calls from your line will incur heavy costs

• It is useful to learn some Turkish words before traveling to Turkey, as you may need to use them. We also recommend using a program for translation on your mobile phone.

Finally, you should know that the cost of travel to Turkey depends mainly on your development of a good travel plan, starting with flight reservations and ending with personal expenses.

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