The city of Ambon is considered the main capital of the province of Malko located in Indonesia, as for its name it is called the island of Ambon, which means in Arabic the beautiful city, and it is also considered one of the most important and largest port centers in the whole of Malko province as it is one of the most important and best areas Indonesian tourism and the most important educational centers located in Indonesia and in the entire group of Maliku Islands, it is worth noting that this city has been divided into five important tourist regions, which makes each region in this city divided into fifty or more villages in different villages

It is also worth noting that this city is considered one of the most important and largest major cities that exist in the province of Maluku and in the state of Indonesia and in the southeast region of the entire continent of Asia in terms of the great economic growth that it has,

The nature of the city climate
And this city knows that it is one of the most beautiful tourist areas, which is characterized by its wonderful and distinctive atmosphere, as it enjoys a high temperature in the summer and a low temperature in the winter, which makes it suitable for all tourists, one of them loves the cold or warm beautiful weather, where it is in the time of the month of November And until April enjoys a low temperature and the city temperature begins to rise gradually from the end of April and the beginning of May to September, and it is known that the best times that you can visit this picturesque tourist city are in the summer and the season Spring for a pleasant atmosphere and temperature and ten Insult most of the tourists and visitors to the city
The most important means of transportation in the city
And one of the most important and most famous means of transportation and movement in this beautiful tourist city is the Bemos way, which is considered one of the most important means in the city as it is one of the main public transportation means in the city, as it is also called the mini, as it takes number six Or seven passengers per trip and it is considered the most convenient means of transportation in the city, the city of Ambon, as for some means of transportation and various transportation may come in the second place of the most important means of transportation in the city are motorcycles, which are characterized by the presence of some roads designated for it, but from Difficult and accessible to all tourists, and In the third and last ranks, taxis come to you everywhere and are widely available to tourists, but this means of transportation is not recommended at all, due to the high prices and the increase in the price of the fare.

The most important tourist activities in the city
The city depends on attracting tourists to it in addition to the distinct atmosphere and its main port is the tourist activities that the city provides, as this city organizes and provides a lot of important tourism activities, the most important of which is diving and snorkeling, as it enjoys the most beautiful beaches in Indonesia, and Who enjoys the soft and charming white sand that every tourist can enjoy and sit on, as children can have fun in it, in addition to its picturesque sea water, which is distinguished by its distinctive blue color, which is obscure to turquoise, and which is appropriate to the colors of the sky blue gradient, which makes it the perfect place to relax Recreation and tranquility, as these walls also organize some trips, which are characterized by launching into the seas via rub in the latest yachts in the city, there are also some boats that can also be boarded at lower prices than yachts, and one of the most important features in this city also It is the markets and the commercial center located in it as it is characterized by many shops that provide different goods and commodities and that provide many of the needs that tourists may need from delicious seafood and that are characterized by the special character of the city in the way of cooking and the quality of food as it is considered one of The most important factors T attract tourists to it, as it offers some types of green salads, which are characterized by adding some types of fish to it to make them appetizing and distinctive, and one of the most famous salads is the vegetable salad with tuna fish with coconuts, and there are some other authorities that contain shrimp and cancer The sea, and some of the most important exhibits are some of the distinctive goods and souvenirs bearing the island’s emblem

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