All you need to know about Huahin, Thailand

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This is the best time to visit Huahine of the year in January. The average temperature is 28 degrees Celsius during the day and it can reach 20 degrees Celsius during the nights. This makes January the coldest month.

Planning your holiday in Hawahin during this period will provide you with a wonderful blue sky, which means that you will not only enjoy pleasant and life memories, but also get a wonderful brunette skin.
All you need to know about Huahin Thailand - All you need to know about Huahin, Thailand
Just 90 minutes from Huahine, driving to the Pa La-U waterfall is a beautiful and tranquil experience, the countryside with green hills will welcome you.
There is also a total of 11 levels of waterfall, of which only 5 are open to the public. You can get a little slippery trail so proper shoes are a must!
Another place where you can go for a walk is Khao Sam Root Yot National Park, about an hour’s drive from Huahin. There is a lot to see in this national park, from beaches to caves and bird watching.


The best time to visit Huahine is the weather. You can go swimming and sunbathing while you are. You can have fun with your family at Van Nava Hua Hin Water Jungle or Black Mountain Water Park. It is convenient experiences if you are traveling with your family.
Huahin boasts magnificent beaches such as Huahin Beach, Swan Son Pradipt Beach, Kaho Takyab and Khao Sam Roi Yot National Park.

horse riding

All you need to know about Huahin Thailand - All you need to know about Huahin, Thailand
Try riding on the beach. A great experience especially with your loved ones during sunset.
As always, do not forget to carry sunscreen and sun glasses. For women, you can even bring a head hat while you are. Festivals such as Songkran, Cricket Six and the Hua Hin Kite Festival will be held during these few months.
As the temperature rises, people tend to go outdoors less. If you don’t mind, there are amazing places to see. You can go and check out the Palace of Clay Changwon. The area is sometimes open to the public, and you can learn more about the royal family that built the palace.

the shopping

You can also go shopping at night at the Huahine Night Market. The market offers a large variety of delicious seafood in the surrounding restaurants.

June – October

This season comes with light rain and an average temperature of 29 ° C. The highest precipitation is recorded in October. Many people may love to go out and have fun in the rain. Make sure you carry a strong pair of shoes for ponds and mud.
During the rainy season the amount of water in the waterfalls increases and thus, it can be a more satisfying experience to see Ba ​​Lau Waterfalls one at the best time to visit Huahine.

Spa and massage

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Despite the weather in Huahin, one thing is for sure, Thai massage should be an experience.
Not only will you get those massages, but also other relaxing treatments such as aromatherapy and acupressure. Your hair and skin can also have a relaxing holiday experience while you’re in it.


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