All you need to know about Love Lake in Dubai

المسافرون العرب

All you need to know about Lake of Love in Dubai is the most searched headline in the search indicators for what was known about Dubai as a modern architectural pioneer in the Arab world, where we find a group of engineering and architectural designs that are distinguished by their beauty and attracting attention and from these new designs that have been revealed Lake of Love The lake has gained many admiration inside and outside the country and has become the focus of attention and offer you everything you should know about Lake of Love to Arab travelers.

All you need to know about Love Lake in Dubai

  • Lake of Love is a lake in the form of two hearts intertwined within the group of lake lakes, which is located near the Sanctuary of Al Marmum and Al Saili and Bab Al Shams in the middle of the desert of Saih Al Salam
  • It is considered one of the most important romantic areas in Dubai, as trees in the lake have become messages of love and peace.
  • It is also a family shrine that gives them meditation and comfort through the picturesque nature surrounding the lake, where there are many wild birds and trees. The lake is home to about 150 species of birds, wild animals and various reptiles, including deer foxes, hawks and ducks.
  • The land area of ​​the lake is about 550,000 square meters; it contains:

16,000 olive trees, Sidr, Samar and Ghaf.
There are about 800,000 diverse trees.
It also includes 3 walkways, about 7 km long.
_ 4 hangars for rest.
_ 20 sessions to get comfort, eating, drinking, and talking, and it is equipped with seats and comfortable sofas that suit the general atmosphere of the desert.

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  • The place is wonderful and fun, it gives a feeling of relaxation and increases the feeling of psychological comfort. By spending some time in the place, you find yourself completely transformed from a person loaded with stress and negative energy into a person who feels hope and optimism.
  • Lake of Love is one of the places to visit in Dubai and spend a day with the picturesque nature and watching birds and animals, it is a very suitable place for fans of taking pictures.

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