Valencia has a Mediterranean climate in Valencia, and we find that most days of the year are pleasant. We recommend you to visit them especially in the spring in the period from March to June, when the temperatures are suitable for hiking, but the city is crowded at this time of the year because it is the height of the season Tourist

You can go to it also in the period from August to October, if you love going to the beaches and some tourists go in the winter season, but the numbers are few then go to it in the winter if you want to get the lowest cost because the hotels and airlines offer discounts and offers Different.

old City

You should visit the old part of the city, as it is one of the best places to take a walk in. It has landmarks dating back more than 2000 years, during which various civilizations such as Romen and ancient Islamic civilization passed, when you go to it you will feel calm, where the atmosphere of the past that makes you feel that you are back in time, is distinguished by its old buildings and architecture Unique as it is filled with gardens and squares, sit at one and have a cup of coffee with delicious baked goods
And you will definitely enjoy wandering the small streets that are spread over its sides, so buy local products, especially handicraft products that indicate the history and culture of the city, and a large mosque on Palencia Street No. 5.

City of Arts and Sciences

If you are interested in art or science, you should visit this region to feel that you are in the world of space, not the earth, and this is due to its wonderful design that makes you feel this way, and you will get to know a lot about the world of space and other sciences besides the various arts
It covers an area of ​​about 350 thousand square meters and was built by the famous architect “Santiago Calatrava” and you have to watch the planetarium and enter the 3D cinema.

Mercado Central

One of the best entertainment activities that you can do when going to Valencia is shopping from the central market in it, it is one of the oldest markets in the continent of Europe and still works so far and is characterized by its beautiful architecture and with it you will find food products such as meat of all kinds, fruits and vegetables in addition to the beautiful souvenirs Like clothes, bags, accessories and other products
You should also visit Patriarca Square as it contains many shops that display beautiful local fashions.
Also, you should visit “Christopher Columbus Street” because it has a large number of different brands and the Mercado de Colon area, but shopping from it is expensive.

The beaches of Valencia

The beaches in Valencia are considered one of the best options for spending beautiful and enjoyable times. These beaches are characterized by their presence near the city center so going to them is not difficult, but you can use public transportation to go to them, when you go to it you will enjoy relaxing on the sand and in front of you the clear sea water and you can swim and dive to see marine creatures from Fish and coral reefs
You have to go on a boat cruise to fish and get to know the surroundings, “Playa de Salire” is one of the best beaches.

Popular markets

One of the best leisure activities is shopping from the popular markets in the city, due to the presence of distinctive local products, alongside street vendors and local food stalls. Among the most important of these are the Plaza de la Merced and Central.

Turia Gardens

Dear tourist, spend a lovely time in the peaceful natural surroundings, amidst plants and the outdoors
The park extends for a distance of about 9 km and the park is an ideal destination for family trips because it is suitable for children so you can practice football with them or run and ride bicycles and play among trees and flowers and when you feel hungry eat a meal and a drink from one of the cafeterias in front of the artificial lake and fountains.

Ceramics Museum

The museum is interested in displaying the history of ceramics. It will also include a collection of collections such as colored ceramics and engraved pottery. It is worth noting that the museum is free for those under 18 years of age or over 65 years and the rest of the ages are $ 20.

Plaza de La Virgen

It is considered one of the best tourist places in the city, it is characterized by the presence of an ornate fountain in the middle of it and it has a wonderful shape when it lights up at night. It also has buildings dating back to the Romen eras and by which various festivals are held and by which you can monitor the local people and learn about their customs especially that they are friendly and they will welcome your help if you need to do so, it is characterized by being An important historical and cultural destination along with its natural beauty.

Street tour at night

Valencia is vibrant, day and night, as it guarantees you to spend a special evening and provides places for evening that suit families so you should go to the main streets in them to find stores showing their products and musical groups playing the most beautiful music tracks and you can dine in one of the restaurants, also Valencia is famous for organizing a group of festivals expressing their customs and traditions Among the most important festivals of the festival, “Las Faias”, in which thousands participate, and is held in March of each year. You cannot miss watching the sunrise in front of the beach, especially because there are places of entertainment open until the morning.

Learn about delicious cuisine and the best restaurants in Valencia

We assure you that once you visit Valencia in Spain, you are with a date to taste a group of delicious dishes, so you should try the “Negro” dish, it is one of the most famous dishes in the city and it consists of white rice, meat, vegetables and spices, the most important of which is saffron.

And you should try to eat paia next to an orange drink and also the “paella” dish. It is the most famous in the city and its history dates back to the rule of the Arabs in the city. Those who brought rice to the city and do not miss a drink “Horchata” is one of the most famous traditional drinks and was prepared for the first time in 1835 AD and you will find it in Anywhere in the city and consists of milk added to dates, nuts and sugar

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