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An amazing city

Amazing city is an entertainment city for children, located on the land of the Dubai World Trade Center, and extends over an area of ​​sixteen thousand square meters, and has dedicated halls for it. In the year 1998 AD, but the name was associated with the amazing cartoon character from the year 2000 AD, and is famous for its unique design in all its different corners; it meets all the different desires, and it combines entertainment and interest.

The amazing city of entertainment is associated with a famous cartoon character, which is an amazing character, which is a yellow three-dimensional figure of a yellow body that looks like a small smile in yellow and blue, and a amazing name has been launched on this city for amazing fame and the love of children for it, so the character is characterized by a smile that welcomes the city’s children And adults, which express innocence of childhood, hospitality, and spaciousness.

An amazing person used to promote the Dubai Summer Festival and its surprises, gifts and entertainment, and prizes for children, and with the beginning of Dubai Summer every year, a person in amazing clothes shook hands to shake hands with children, playing with them, visualizing, dancing and having fun with him.

The pillars of the city are amazing entertainment

The city consists of different pillars, among which we mention the main theater on which the performances of international figures, magic shows, and games are presented, and it also includes a corner for art and crafts, and also there is a corner of sport, electronic games, as well as a corner of technology and the Internet, and there are special stores that sell souvenirs for children And those in charge of this city did not neglect the families of the children, and for this reason a restaurant yard was designated for families, and the theater program was supported by the Sama Dubai TV.

Amazing city is designed to suit all ages of children. Children from the first year up to five years are allocated a variety of musical performance with different musical instruments. As for over this age, there are games and events that suit their ages, and the price of entry tickets for the city of amazing is considered a symbolic and simple price; Not exceeding five dirhams for children and ten dirhams for adults, and various teams of students and graduates undergoing training courses for amazing city management work on the administration of the city through the provision of assistance and service of the highest quality.

Every year, the amazing entertainment city succeeds in attracting visitors to it, with each year the number of visitors increases gradually compared to the previous year, and during the past years the number of visitors reached one million and seven hundred thousand visitors, and the city is successful as it is the best outlet during the summer vacation for children after a difficult school year .


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