Here is an amazing set of facts about the Burj Khalifa, which represents the tallest tower in the world and one of the unique tourist attractions that most visitors do not miss. Dubai, although it is possible to notice the extent of the tower’s distinction in the first place by reading an image, but knowing the most amazing facts about it contribute to developing awareness About him and know the most important facts about the reasons for distinguishing the tower on the international level and making it one of the most famous tourist attractions; and you can learn a number of the most amazing facts about him by looking at the following paragraphs, thanks to which the credit is due to Arab travelers.

Amazing facts about Burj Khalifa

Set 7 records

It does not only represent the tallest tower in the world; it represents the tallest free-standing buildings in the world, the richest buildings on the floors, and it has the highest residential floors, and the most elevated viewing platforms; in addition to that it includes the tallest elevators in the entire world, and surpasses all elevators in the world The current period in terms of the distance covered.

Its unique design is a level of flower

His designers, Adrian Smith, Owings and Merrill, and the office of Chiguide Skid Moore inspired the design from the flower of Hymnokales. The authority, and the vast platforms from the top doubled the available space to allow the people in the tower to enjoy unparalleled panoramic views of Dubai, which helped double the building’s ability to attract investors and visitors alike. In addition to all of this, the distinctive exterior appearance made the tower combine the splendor of the interior and exterior designs.

It took 6 years to build

Where 12000 works were involved in its construction, and the construction period was as follows:

  • January of the year 2004 ADStart of foundation drilling.
  • February: The beginning of laying the foundations.
  • The month of March of the year 2005 AD: The beginning of the construction of floors.
  • June of the year 2006 AD: The construction works have reached the 50th floor.
  • January of the year 2007 AD: Construction reaches 100th floor.
  • April: Building operations reach the 120th floor.
  • May: The construction works reach the 130th floor.
  • July: Reaching the construction of the highest floor in the world, which is No. 141.
  • SeptemberReaching the 150th floor, the building has achieved the record as the tallest self-contained structure in the world.
  • April 2008: Successful completion of the 160th floor construction, thus the tower broke the world record for the highest industrial structures.
  • January 2009: The founders succeeded in constructing the top of the tower.
  • SeptemberThe tower exterior finish is now complete
  • The month of January 2010: The tower has been officially opened.

It is a mixture of many technological inventions

It was founded on the best specialists to achieve the highest possible degree of quality, excellence and safety at the same time. These criteria are applied from foundation to appearance; you can notice this by viewing the following information:

  • The foundations are constructed using a special type of cement that combines high density and low permeability. The foundations are equipped with a cathodic protection system below the concrete slab. The aim of all this is to reduce the extent of the tower’s impact negatively on the groundwater.
  • Its platform is responsible for anchoring it to the ground, and it can be accessed from 3 different directions and in 3 levels; in addition to that all the entry wings of the tower are polished and constructed by hanging cable.
  • Its exterior is equipped with steel, aluminum and stainless steel panels, as well as reflective glass. It is worth noting here that the number of glass panels used in preparing the tower from outside is estimated at 26,000, which were hand-cut with the particiAl Bahahn of 300 specialists.
  • Its mast is built from the inside using a hydraulic pump; the structural steel used in its construction is estimated to be more than 4000 tons.

To find out more exciting information about this unique tower, see the article (Burj Khalifa Architectural Masterpiece of Tourism Dubai).
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