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United States of America

The United States of America is considered one of the most important countries around the world, if not the most important at all. It is also considered a prominent and major player at all political, economic, social, religious, cultural, artistic, and other levels, mainly due to the fact that this country has been able To dominate the global issues of control, and to control them in the way you want, which mainly serves its supreme interests.

The United States of America contains a very large number of landmarks, and in all areas of all kinds, as these landmarks are major points of attraction for all tourists, visitors, and workers from all over the world. Below is a simple mention and explanation of the most prominent and distinctive American landmarks.

American Landmarks

  • Statue of Liberty: This statue is considered a distinctive American icon, as the first thing that any person conjures up in his mind, which was associated with this country is this important statue. The Statue of Liberty is an important gift that the French Republic presented in the late nineteenth century to the United States, in order to strengthen friendship and cooperation between the two countries, as this statue was presented on the occasion of the centenary of the American Revolution that took place in the last quarter of the eighteenth century.
  • Smithsonian Institution: This institute is considered one of the most prominent educational institutions concerned with the fields of scientific research, in addition to the presence of a group of important museums, which are major points of attraction for large numbers of visitors. The institute is run by the American government, and its facilities are distributed in many American regions, including Virginia, Washington, DC, New York, Panama, and others. The institute also includes more than one hundred and forty million items in its holdings list.
  • Hollywood: This area located in Los Angeles County, California; one of the most important states of America, is famous because it contains a large number of the most important movie studios in the United States, and indeed in the whole world, as it is a historical and major center for the film industry in the United States, and all regions the world. The name of this region has become used to refer to American cinema.
  • Disneyland: Disney City is one of the most famous game cities around the world, and it was opened for the first time in the state of California in the year one thousand nine hundred and fifty-five AD, and it is owned by the famous American company, Walt Disney. This city has expanded greatly, as it has opened many branches around the world, including: Florida, Tokyo, Hong Kong and Paris.
  • Lincoln Memorial: US President Abraham Lincoln is one of the most famous American personalities who have contributed to transforming and changing the history of the entire world. Hence, this distinctive monument was built in the American capital, Washington, in honor of his memory, and to demonstrate his great standing.

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