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Amman tourist attractions

Amman is considered the capital of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, and it has been nicknamed through history with multiple names such as Ammon and Philadelphia, and it is located on the eastern borders of the mountains of Ajloun on the slopes of a relatively small valley. the following:

Castle Mountain

The Citadel is considered one of the most visited places in the city of Amman, as it is characterized by its possession of a large number of archaeological sites and various monuments, and the Citadel has the Byzantine Church, the Umayyad Palace, the Temple of Hercules, the National Archaeological Museum and many others.

Jabal Amman

Jabal Amman is distinguished by its historical buildings and monuments, which show architecture of architecture dating back to the early twentieth century, and at present Jabal Amman has many markets, various museums, various cafes in addition to several small shops.

Romen Theater

The construction of the Romen theater dates back to the era of the Romen Empire, and its capacity is estimated at about six thousand people. It was recently rebuilt to host various summer shows.

King Hussein Mosque

King Hussein Mosque was built on an old mosque dating back to 64 AD, and was built according to the architectural style of the Ottoman era in 1932 AD, and the mosque is distinguished by its color mixed between white and pink and its four tall minarets, and at the present time worshipers flock to the mosque in large numbers, especially on Friday and during the month Blessed Ramadan.

The Byzantine Church

The history of the Byzantine Church dates back to the sixth century, and in our time and after the introduction of old buildings, it has become an appropriate place in which Jordanian and Arab artists display their wonderful artworks, and it was mentioned that the Byzantine Church was in the old days a shelter for Lawrence of Arabia who was staying in its main building designed in the style of the city of Venice .

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