Amwaj Island

المسافرون العرب

Amwaj Island

Amwaj Island is located in the northeast of the Kingdom of Bahrain in the Arabian Gulf, specifically in the Gulf of Bahrain near the coast of Muharraq Island, and these islands consist of a group of industrial islands, with an area of ​​approximately (2.79) million square meters, and is considered one of the most important and first pioneering projects in the Kingdom .

The cost of this island project amounted to approximately one and a half billion US dollars, and it was created in three phases. These phases initially included land reclamation, then infrastructure, then utilities. Almost 10,000 residents live on the island.

The goal of creating Amwaj Island

The main objective of its establishment is to provide land ownership to expatriates and residents in Bahrain, in addition to increasing real estate on the waterfront for the purpose of selling, the level of sale of the property in it is low, but after the establishment of this island the sale increased, due to the availability of most services and infrastructure, such as: roads, water Electricity, transportation, sanitation and many other services, which made this area suitable for housing.

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Amwaj Island formation

From the engineering point of view, this island provided many modern technologies such as: YouTubes for reclaiming the island, optical fibers, and empty sewage, and therefore it was called the Smart City.

This island was created on a shallow marine area in the northeast of the country, and this island contains skyscrapers, hotels, commercial real estate, residential, hospital, restaurants, university, school, cafes and beaches for swimming, in addition to (240) meters circular marina, and ( 140) Anchorage.

The island can be reached by the northern bridge from Manama (the capital), which has a length of approximately (1.8) kilometers, and the distance between the international airport of Bahrain and the islands is about (8) kilometers.

The most famous sights on the island

Among the most famous sights in Amwaj Island:

  • The Lagoon Complex: It is one of the commercial and tourist complexes on the island, and it is the only complex located inside the waters.
  • Tala Island: It is considered one of the unique islands of Amwaj Island, which contains a large number of luxury villas and apartments with its beaches in a curved shape, and many parks, and the island has an area of ​​approximately (300,000) square meters, and there are many cafes, restaurants, special gardens for children, and pools Swimming.
  • Dragon Resort: It is a 5-star hotel and resort that includes many luxurious restaurants such as: Yamen Jana Restaurant.
  • Sea Loft Resort and Marriott Hotel, one of the largest hotels on the island.
  • Amwaj Marina: It is a marina that has been wonderfully designed, in which many international exhibitions and celebrations are held, such as: Bahrain Yacht Show.
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