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Amwaj Islands

The artificial Amwaj Islands is located in the Kingdom of Bahrain, specifically in the northeastern part of it. These islands are also located in the Gulf of Bahrain, close to the islands of Muharraq and Dilmunia.

The Amwaj Islands occupies an area of ​​approximately two million and eight hundred thousand square meters, and these islands are considered important and sensitive projects in the Kingdom of Bahrain, where they have emerged several benefits at all levels and levels. These islands have been reclaimed from the shallow seas in the area where they are located.

These islands include many important buildings and facilities, they contain about a hundred and forty berths, and many hotels, shops, commercial buildings, residential buildings, and skyscrapers.

Moreover, these islands have evolved in different stages, which included firstly the land reclamation operations, then the establishment of appropriate infrastructure that includes: roads, electricity, water and sewage networks, communication networks, and finally the establishment of facilities and service delivery centers there, and perhaps the most prominent of these centers and facilities Various parks and restaurants, educational institutions for all ages, petrol stations, and health centers.

This is apart from its proximity to Bahrain International Airport, where it is only a few kilometers away. The development of this region is being continuously undertaken by the competent authorities, with an investment volume of billions of US dollars.

The importance of Amwaj Islands tourism

The State of Bahrain possesses some of the tourism components that make it a destination for all those who wish to tourism from the people of other countries, even though this country is not considered the first destination for the majority of people.

Among the most prominent tourism attractions in this country are the distinctive traditions that characterize the people of Bahrain, and they contain a good number of tourist attractions that vary in their classifications, such as wildlife centers, museums that include various exhibits, and many important mosques, in addition to islands Amwaj, which is one of the most prominent and important tourist attractions in the State of Bahrain.

Tourists in the Bahraini kingdom prefer to go to the Amwaj Islands, because they provide them with a wide variety of recreational activities in which they can engage in, and on top of these water sports activities are diving, kayaking, and surfing, as well as various water excursions.

What increased the importance of these islands, they contain the various tourist facilities of interest to the tourist, which made it a good and wonderful place, makes the tourist reassured that he will find everything he is looking for, thus providing him with comfort and tranquility there. These islands have the advantage of holding many events throughout the year, as these events are very important in attracting tourists and visitors from different regions.

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