An article on the importance of tourism to the Egyptian economy

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The importance of tourism to the Egyptian economy

The tourism sector is one of the most important elements supporting the economy in the world, because of its prominent role in developing the country. The tourism sector in the Arab Republic of Egypt is an important sector that is dealt with as a handicraft industry, through all the media in the country, especially after a special ministry has been created, the Ministry of Tourism, and a number of universities and colleges specializing in the tourism and hotel sector have been opened.

The tourism sector in the Egyptian state supplies the national income from foreign exchange with a rate of about twenty five percent, due to the cultural and historical elements that this country possesses, which makes it one of the first cities recorded on the global tourist map, due to the abundance of tourism in its various forms, whether It was archaeological tourism, or beach tourism, or even recreational, in addition to medical tourism, and religious tourism.

The tourism industry is considered the most important economic activity, and indeed the fastest growing at the global level, as it is equal in size to more than a third of the services trade in the world.

The rapid growth in the annual Egyptian tourism rate is not seen at unprecedented rates than in the past, as it has achieved nearly thirteen percent of the total national income, and that only from the year one thousand nine hundred and ninety three AD until the year two thousand AD.

Tourism promotion in Egypt

There are plans to promote tourism in Egypt, including:

  • Working to raise Egypt’s competitive position in the global and in particular new markets.
  • Show the tourist product and introduce it more effectively, and in a more comprehensive way.
  • Working to improve the image of Egyptian tourism internationally, by raising the quality to its highest levels, especially in the services provided to tourists, while ensuring that the prices of services and excursions are appropriate for everyone.
  • Working on various developmental plans for the Egyptian tourism products on an ongoing basis, as they meet all the needs and requirements of the foreign market.
  • Launching advertising campaigns in all media outlets of the major countries that support and export the tourist movement, through satellite channels.

It is worth noting that the Tourism Development Authority in Egypt has developed a tourism plan for the year two thousand and seventeen AD, aiming to stimulate tourism in the country, by increasing the numbers of tourist rooms and increasing the number of job opportunities as well, and thus the numbers of tourists will increase continuously to reach the planned number It has sixteen million tourists.


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