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The ancient Egyptian civilization, or the civilization of the Pharaohs, is an ancient civilization that laid out the greatest manifestations of human development and sophistication, and the human quest for excellence, knowledge, and progress in most areas of life. The ancient Egyptian people would not have been content to wait for the civilizations of other nations to derive or be inspired by them, their first steps towards history Rather, he made it with his effort, importance, and convictions, which seemed clear to be as strong and powerful as the ruins of the ancient pyramids and cities.

Here are the pyramids in the city of Giza that tell about the glory that distinguished the sons of Egypt and the splendor of urban design and the extent of the genius of the ancient Egyptians in the construction, not to mention their high physical task in raising and moving stones described above each other in an orderly manner, starting from the base to the top that narrows as the pyramid rises, And all of this at a time when there were no cranes, or heavy transport trucks, nor software programs for designing sites, or many raw materials as today, and this confirms the craftsmanship of the Pharaonic arts in construction and construction, and it is not surprising that these pyramids are considered one of the Seven Wonders of the World, and put them Besides the Pharaonic cities As old as the shortest placed on the World Heritage List, which includes archaeological sites from different parts of the world, and is sponsored by international organizations, and any violation of it is considered an international crime.

If we look closely at these pyramids, they are Khufu, Khafra, and Menkaure, which were created more than three thousand years before BC, and in the vicinity of it another giant is the statue of the Sphinx, which occupied many people around the world because of its amazing design, which is a head A lion and a human body.

The city of Luxor, which contains a third of the world’s monuments in the Pharaonic era, was called the city of Thebes, and it was the capital of the ancient Egyptian state. It was also called the City of the 100 Babs or the City of the Sun. The Pharaohs succeeded in investing their occurrence on the banks of the Nile, which turns it into two eastern and western parts, Among the most important ancient monuments in Luxor are the Karnak Temple also called the Dome, or the first court of the temple, and this temple is famous for its large area, and thus is the largest walled place of worship built on the face of the earth, and even the road from Luxor to Karnak is distinguished, where the visitor encounters a number of sides Great father statues In the little sphinx, and this road is called the rams road.

As for the Luxor Temple, it is another story of unique Egyptian antiquities. The famous temple is located on the eastern bank of the Nile, and the Pharaohs began building it before one thousand four hundred years BC. The temple was built to worship Amun Ra, his wife Mut, and their son Khonsu, or what is known With a good trinity, the temple is distinguished by the beauty of the buildings inside, and the good planning in the building, and the visitor will feel this when he passes through the entrance or path leading to the temple.

Talking about ancient Egyptian antiquities is not limited to talking only about the pharaonic era dominating other civilizations in a clear way, but there are other ancient antiquities in Egypt that indicate the importance of Egypt, and nations compete to control it, including the Roman state that took Alexandria as its capital in Egypt, and it is possible The Roman cultural heritage is clearly observed in Alexandria, that inspiring city on the shore of the Mediterranean, and in the Islamic era, the Egyptian cities shone more brightly, and the Islamic influence can be clearly seen in the mosques of Cairo and the Salah al-Din Citadel in which they are located.

These different effects played a vital role in the tourism industry in Egypt, which annually attracts millions of visitors from most parts of the world, whether in Giza, or in the city of Luxor, and official bodies strive in Egypt to preserve Egypt’s ancient cultural heritage from any sabotage, theft or threat In any way, by providing security for these tourist attractions, tightening security measures in their surroundings, and preserving some valuable artifacts in closed halls and museums.


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