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Tourism is an activity carried out by different groups known as tourists to another place known as the tourist landmark, and this teacher is going through one of the available means of transportation, such as cars, buses, ships, planes, and trains, and tourism is divided into two types of internal tourism, i.e. visiting tourist places inside The country in which a person resides, is external tourism and means visiting tourist places outside the country in which he lives.

Types of tourism

  • Religious tourism: Going to countries with religious value means visiting the sanctuary in Mecca, Medina, and Al-Aqsa Mosque for Muslims. As for the owners of Christianity, they go to the Vatican countries, and Jordan with the intention of going to the bath.
  • Cultural tourism: It means going to countries on which there are ancient historical monuments such as monuments, mosques, churches and temples, and castles that bear great cultural and important value
  • Recreational tourism: It means increasing the number of beautiful sites in order to entertain, spend a honeymoon, or attend theatrical performances and many others.
  • Sports tourism: Visiting countries that are breastfed by it means many different sports competitions in the fields of football, swimming, tennis, basketball and handball.
  • Medical tourism: In some countries, there are many areas with great therapeutic value, such as hot springs that relieve pain from the body.

Most in tourism

  • The most countries that people of the world visit for tourism are: France, the United States of America, China, Italy, Britain, Germany, Ukraine, Turkey, and Mexico.
  • Countries with the most income from tourism: The United States of America, Spain, France, Italy, China, Britain, Germany, Australia, Austria, and Turkey.
  • The most famous tourist attractions in the world: Times Square in New York, Washington National Park, Walt Disney Resort in Orlando, Trafalgar Square in London, Disneyland in California, Niagara Falls in Canada, Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, Disneyland Tokyo in Japan, Notre Dame Cathedral in France, and the Wall The Great China of China, the Statue of Liberty in New York, the Taj Mahal in India, the Pyramids of Giza in Egypt, and Petra in Jordan.
  • Most tourist cities: The Spanish capital, Madrid, the French capital Paris, the English capital of London, Singapore in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, Hong Kong in China, the New York State of America, the Thai Bangkok, Turkish Istanbul, the Emirates of Dubai, and the Chinese city of Shanghai.

The importance of tourism

  • It is a national income for many countries.
  • It bears great historical value for definition in earlier eras and eras.
  • It works to provide job opportunities to reduce unemployment.
  • It increases the acumen of these peoples by paying attention to the historical heritage, to be a civilized destination for their peoples.

Tourism video

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