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Greece is considered one of the most beautiful European countries, located specifically in the southeastern side, where it is bordered to the north by Bulgaria, Albania, and Macedonia, and from the eastern side bordered by Turkey, surrounded by the Mediterranean and the Ionian Sea from the western and southern sides, and a large number of international tourists go to visit Because it includes a large group of natural tourist areas and places, and the islands are among the most prominent of these places; therefore we will address here the most prominent of these islands and includes the following:

The most important islands of Greece

These are the most important islands of Greece:

  • Kos Island: It includes a group of beautiful, clean white beaches, a series of agricultural lands, where grapes, corn, olives, wheat, and figs are cultivated, and it also includes a group of ancient monuments dating back to the fourteenth century AD, such as the ancient castle established by Saint John, and a series of restaurants , Hotels, clubs and more.
  • Samos island: It is one of the warmest European islands, and includes beautiful beaches and clear clear water, and it is one of the ideal areas used for diving and snorkelling, where the number of races are held.
  • Paros Island: Contains a large group of picturesque ancient villages built of white pebbles, and the most prominent manifestations of civilization related to restaurants, hotels, and clubs.
  • Chios Island: It includes a group of tourist areas and ancient historical monuments such as the monastery of Nea Moni, which dates back to the eleventh century AD, and is located specifically to the south of the island, as it contains a group of historical villages that date back to the Middle Ages and where tourists see the old towers and walls.
  • Crete: It is the largest Greek island in terms of area and population, and includes a large group of beaches in addition to aspects of life such as hotels, restaurants, shops and night clubs, and tourists can practice a lot of various sports such as mountain climbing, walking, and horse riding, and it has giant historical monuments such as Knossos Palace.

Other islands in Greece

Here is another list containing islands in Greece:

  • Skiathos Island: It is located in the northern part of Greece, and it includes a large group of hills planted with green pine trees, and its sandy beaches, in addition to places that attract large numbers of tourists such as monasteries and churches that date back to the Byzantine era, in addition to castles and museums.
  • Corfu Island: Characterized by the diversity of the Athenian culture in it and contains a large group of scenic and scenic natural areas, and dominated by the old traditional character, and this appears in its museums and buildings, so that it varies between the French and the italyn and the beautiful Avital, and includes beautiful beaches and museums that attract a large number of tourists.
  • Rhodes Island: It is located near the Turkish coast and includes many historical monuments, such as the medieval Temple of Apollo, the Governor’s Palace, and a pedestrian bridge called the Rhodes.

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