An island in Indonesia

المسافرون العرب

Islands of Indonesia

There are many enchanting islands in Indonesia, which many people call the paradise of the earth; for their beauty and splendor, Indonesia is considered one of the big countries that have a large area, and there are many cultures, there are many tourist attractions that deserve to be visited.


It is one of the Indonesian islands, which is characterized by its unique and unique charm, as it captivates the hearts of tourists because of its special charm and is distinguished by its beaches.

Bangka and Belitung Islands

This island is located in the province of Bangka, which is two large islands characterized by their smooth sandy beaches, large resorts that provide all services, and can practice diving, swimming, fishing, and enjoying the natural scenery, and this island is characterized by the production of tin in many mines.

Lao Sri

Also called the Thousand Islands, and the number of these islands is approximately 110 islands close to each other, and there are many marine parks in which all kinds of marine animals, fish and dolphins are located, and the most important of these animals are found in the National Marine Park in the Gulf of Jakarta, and this island is characterized by the presence of many Of the tourist resorts, there are two islands that are not allowed to be visited by tourists, as they are islands where turtles are threatened with extinction.

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Carimungawah Islands

It is one of the small islands that form an archipelago located in North Java, and most of its areas are natural reserves, and there are many tourist resorts, and many places to dive, and learn to see the beautiful coral reefs.

Derawan Islands

It is also called the eastern Kalimantan Islands because it is located in its province, and it contains the most important islands in Indonesia, such as the island of Sanglaki, Maratua and Samama.

Bunaken Island

It is one of the most beautiful islands with stunning nature and incredible natural beauty, and this island attracts many tourists annually, so it is characterized by the presence of a national park for various types of beautiful fish, and many resorts, forests and springs.

Flores Island

Also called the island of flowers, this island contains a picturesque nature and many types of flowers scattered everywhere, and many priceless natural treasures, and Klimoto volcano reflects the color of its beaches to the color green, black and blue, and diving enthusiasts can practice this hobby on the beaches; There are many diving centers available.

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Commode Island

This island was named by the name of the Komodo animal spread by it, and it is a species of large, huge and endangered turtles, and this island is characterized by the presence of many large reserves, which include many types of animals, and the island was chosen as a sanctuary within the seven wonders of the world.

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