An island in the Philippines

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It is from the countries of the continent of Asia and is located geographically in the southeastern side of it, and is officially known as the Republic of the Philippines, and its land area is 300,000 km2, and its capital is the city of Manila, and the system of government is republican, and its population is 100,981,437 million people, according to the statistics of 2015, and its official language It is the English language, and its official currency is the Philippine peso, and it is denoted by PHP, and it includes affiliations and memberships: the Asia Economic Cooperation Forum, the World Trade Organization, the Pacific, the International Development Association, the United Nations, and the International Finance Corporation.

Islands in the Philippines

Mactan Island

It is part of the province of Cebu, divided administratively into the city of Lapu Lapu and the municipality of Cordoba, and the island is connected by the Martilo Fernan Bridge and the Mactan-Mandao Bridge to the island of Cebu, and the Muslims ruled the island before its occupation by Spain in the sixteenth century AD, and in 1521 AD Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan With the local tribes that ended in his death at the hands of the island’s ruler and his fighters in the battle of Mactan, and in the year 1730 AD missionaries established the city of Ubon in which its name became from the year 1961 AD the city of Lapu Lapu, and the Mactan-Seo Airport is considered one of the busiest airports in the Philippines in the second degree of movement .

Luzon Island

It is considered one of the largest islands in the Philippines, and its capital is the city of Manila, and it is located geographically in the northern side of the Philippine archipelago, as it is bordered on the eastern side by the Philippine Sea, bounded on the south by the Sibuyan Sea, bounded on the west by the South China Sea, and bounded on the north by the strait Luzon separates it from the State of Taiwan, and the island is characterized by its rectangular shape.

The island contains several varied terrains between the coastal plains that extend more than 5,000 kilometers, and bays such as the Gulf of Manila and Amun Bay, and isolated volcanic cones such as Mayon Volcano, and lakes, such as: Tal Lake, Laguna dei Bay, and rivers, such as: Cagayan River, and River Abra, Bicol River, and mountain ranges such as Mount Pinatubo.

Palawan Island

Founded in the year 1818 AD, and its capital is the city of Puerto Princesa, the island extends from the Mindoro region from the northeastern side to the island of Borneo located in the southwestern side of the Philippines, and is located geographically in the waters between the Solo Sea and the South China Sea, and a population of 771,667 thousand people, and that According to statistics in 2010 AD, the island has been classified as one of the most beautiful tourist areas in the world and it is one of the seven most beautiful regions in the world, and tourists come to it for its picturesque scenery and the beauty of its nature.


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