Thanks to its many attractions, the Island of Ireland makes itself a destination for a honeymoon full of activities, ideal for new married couples wishing to take on an adventure in which they marry their married life. From world-renowned sports to an adventure of exploring unknown places, Ireland promises an enthusiastic breakthrough in the new couple’s life.

It is no secret that Ireland is full of scenery and scenery, and those wishing to enjoy its natural beauty can explore its vast areas through horseback riding. Thanks to the many stables located near the famous hiking trails, the couple can ride a horse and embark on the embrace of nature. Among the additional special experiences available to the couple is the opportunity to rent a caravan in Mayo County and enjoy a few days of travel with a partner and a local horse.
To get closer to a life partner, tourists can choose to cross the thousands of feet of roads that run across the country to enjoy the sights of Ireland and the sounds bustling with it. Spectacular scenery awaits you along the Causeway coastal road that crosses many cliffs, beaches and landmarks, such as the Giants Pass, Carrick-a-Reed Bridge suspended from the ropes and Dunlossy Palace in Northern Ireland. If the timing of the trip is appropriate, the couple can witness local festivals like the ones in Fermanagh, Galway, and Cree, in which groups of locals guide visitors to the enchanting views that can be enjoyed.

She brings the summer months with her the opportunity to go to the sea and enjoy the waves in the provinces of Klar and Sligo. Surfing is one of the most enjoyable sports in Ireland as the beaches on Strand Hill and Enniscrone pose great challenges for seasoned surfers, and are also ideal for beginners, thanks to the multiple surf schools in the region.

Kayak is another way to enjoy sports on honeymoon, especially in the River Levy that crosses the vibrant city of Dublin. You can add a touch of romance to this trip by practicing this sport in the moonlight in the mouth of Love Foil. As the lake embraces radioactive plankton, it becomes pulsating when visitors paddle in its waters as each paddle movement evokes an ethereal flash within the ripples. For those who want to increase excitement, “adrenaline addicts” can experience white water rafting in Sligo and Donegal. The magic of sailing first, along with having fun with the partner, will surely provide an unparalleled rapprochement experience.

Another way to explore the country is by biking roads, promising to keep couples fascinated and help keep them physically fit at the same time. Cycling activity will be enjoyable for visitors in Cree Ring, Kingfisher Trail and Glendalough Circle while dazzling with breathtaking scenery. Thanks to the increased number of official bike trails running on approximately 99,000 km on roads, couples can choose between short bike rides around the lake, a guided tour, a quick city tour, self-organized tours or even take a longer route along the coast For one or more days.

Embracing a third of the world’s golf courses, it is not strange for Ireland to host international golf tournaments. Couples who like to hit a golf ball can catch a golf stick and head to the clean green fields of Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. The most popular not-to-be-played stadiums include the Royal Bruterwich Golf Club (Antrim County), Port Stewart Golf Club (Londonderry County), Love Irene (Fermanagh County), Royal Down County Golf Club (County Down) and The Kay (Kildare County).
Thanks to this wide range of individual activities awaiting husbands, Ireland promises to offer an unparalleled honeymoon experience full of activities.

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