Ancient ruins in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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Monuments registered in the World Heritage List

Madain Saleh

Madaen Saleh is the first site in Saudi Arabia that was registered on the list and is known as (Al-Hajrah), and its façade was decorated in the first century B.C. to the first century A.D., and it contains 50 inscriptions of the Nabatean civilization, and on many of the 111 graves. 94 tombs of which have been embellished with decorations, this region is located northeast of the city of Al-Ula, 22 km.

Rock arts in Hail

The history of these drawings engraved on the rocks dates back 10,000 years. These monuments consist of two sites: Jabal Umm Senman and the mountains of Al-Manjur, which are drawings of human figures and animals, as man was present in the Arabian Peninsula a million years ago, which proved that is the finding of stone tools from That covenant.

Al-Turaif neighborhood in Diriyah

This site is the first capital of the (Al Saud), was established in the fifteenth century, and is characterized by the Najdi architectural style, and the site contains a lot of palaces in addition to a city located on the banks of the Durya Oasis.

Al-Ahsa Oasis

What distinguishes this oasis is that it contains more than 3 million palm trees, and is considered one of the largest palm oases in the world, and contains many archaeological sites such as gardens and irrigation canals, and a group of sites that prove that humans have inhabited this region since the days of the Stone Age.

Jeddah Historic District

This region has always been historically important and its importance dates back to before Islam. In the Islamic era, the caliph Al-Rashid Othman bin Affan made Jeddah a port for the city of Mecca, in the year 647 AD.

Ancient ruins in Tabuk

Tabuk is distinguished by a group of archaeological sites, including:

  • Market Castle (town): Set on a height of 50 meters, this castle is a rectangular castle with one tower.
  • Zerib Castle: It is located 20 km east of the city of Al-Wajh, and it was built in 1026 AH during the reign of Sultan Ahmed, and this castle was a residence for caravans of pilgrims.
  • Historic Palace of the Emirate: This palace is located in the ancient city of Umlj, and it was constructed of black volcanic rocks which were brought from the ancient Hawra site.
  • Al-Azmal Castle: It is 45 km south of Duba, and it was built during the reign of Sultan Muhammad bin Qaloon.

Archaeological sites in Saudi Arabia

There are a group of archaeological sites in Saudi Arabia:

  • Sepide’s trail.
  • The Hejaz Railway.
  • Shami Hajj Road.
  • The Egyptian Hajj Road.
  • The village of the brightest men.
  • The eye village.
  • Fao village.
  • Well fever.
  • Shield neighborhood, Dumat Al-Jandal.


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