Ancient tools of heritage

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It is all that nations and peoples inherited from ancient ancestors, which includes tools and utensils, as well as arts, principles, and sayings, tales and stories, in addition to beliefs, clothes, and many others, but in our article we will look at talking about tools and utensils that were used in the past and which are considered Of folklore.

Ancient tools of heritage

  • OS:

The lamp is considered one of the oldest tools of heritage, as it was initially made of stone, and basalt stone was taken, and a hole is made in it in the form of a circle or a rectangle, then a narrow channel is carved on the upper edges of it, so that the filament is placed in it, while the other side was placed It contains oil, but it developed over time and became made of glass.

  • The screen:

Also called a sieve, it is a tool composed of a net surrounded by a wooden frame, where the principle of its work is to block the parts of the material that cannot pass through the holes formed by the net.

  • Zero

It is a tool used for cooking, as it was made of red copper coated with zinc, in order to prevent copper from oxidation, it was manufactured in different sizes, including small, large, and medium, as it was determined the size of its rings, that is, the zero consisting of a ring considered from small sizes As for the eight rings, which are of the largest sizes, they need eight men to carry them.

  • Hashousha:

Also called baloucheh, it is a tool used in agriculture, weeding and agricultural crops. It is made of steel or iron, in the form of a serrated arc.

  • Al Batiya:

Or called the karmic, which is a wooden tool similar to the pot, round in shape, was used for many purposes, including kneading, and storing food, or to serve it, especially the Mansaf, in addition to its use in kneading, and making macho, and it is made from tree trunks, after its internal cavity , And modulate it in a circular shape from the outside.

  • Alborbor:

Also called primus, it is a copper tool consisting of a gas reservoir, a hand to compress the kerosene, and three feet of copper to carry it, as it was used to heat water, for cooking, and for heating.

  • The Blind:

It is an iron tool with non-toothed ends, at the end of which is a twenty-cm-long wooden handle, and a width of between three to four cm, as it was used to pluck the face and eyebrows, after applying the red pottery powder to the face.

  • Graff

It is a tool consisting of several circular wooden sections, interconnected with each other, moved by the intertwining between the vertical and horizontal round wooden gears and attached to it by buckets of iron, where these rollers are moved by the force of the animal, so the water is drawn from the river, and it is used to water the land .


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