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The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is considered one of the richest areas of ancient and ancient archaeological sites, which indicate the originality and ancientity of this region, so it narrates among its folds stories and events of ancient peoples throughout the different ages, and extends from ancient stone ages to Islamic historical times, in which palaces, fortress, beautiful urban facilities, and collectibles Ancient antique, distinctive paintings and reliefs.

Archeological sites within the UNESCO World Heritage List

  • Madain Saleh: It is located in the middle of a continuous chain of interconnected mountains and a group of rocky slopes, and it is the second most important Imran Nabati after Petra.
  • Al-Diriyah Historical: It was considered the capital of the first Saudi state, and it reflected the strength and glory of the place, and many tourist elements are highlighted, such as: the seat of government and the ruling family, and it is one of the heritage sites worldwide, in it there are many picturesque structures that reflect the original engineering art Also, it includes the Al-Salwa Palace and several huge mud-built buildings.
  • Historic Jeddah: It forms a museum that tells the story of Jeddah’s history in a vivid way to the visitor, it includes a huge group of archaeological areas that send visitors back to witness the times and dates that this ancient region passed through, and among the most important archaeological areas in it: the Jeddah Wall, many lanes from different times, Many old markets and ancient mosques.

Antiquities in Saudi Arabia

In the Riyadh region

  • The National Museum: It is located to the east of the King Abdulaziz Historical Center, and was built on the international standards of the sizes of historical buildings, and its construction was developed with absolute care to match its shape and size, the largest historical buildings in the world, and is considered one of the most important areas that increase the movement of tourists year after year in the region.
  • Burma Cave: It is located northeast of Riyadh, and its rocks are decorated with many carvings dating back approximately 2400 years.
  • Al-Thumama site: It includes a group of stone and granite tools that indicate a very great skill in the art of manufacturing in the primitive times.

In Mecca

  • Al-Maadan Village: It is located to the south of Taif, and is famous for many stone industries. It includes a wide range of tools used in various fields.
  • Al-Shuaiba Port: It was the main port in the Arabian Peninsula before the Islamic ages.
  • Dam El-Kasb: A wall is formed from a very strong building, and there are remnants of abandoned houses and some pots and tools dating back to the Islamic ages.

In the Tabuk region

  • Al-Hawra: Its historical area extends to very large areas, and it constituted the port for the inner cities of Wadi Al-Qura, and there is a house dating back to the fourth century AH.
  • Taima: It includes many archaeological sites dating back to before Islam, and antiquities dating back to the eighth century BC.

Other archaeological sites

  • The groove in the Najran region.
  • The location of the role in the eastern region.
  • Bani Omar Badia in the Asir region.
  • With an eye in the Baha region.
  • Rajael and the shield neighborhood in the region of Al-Jouf.

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