Aqua Dolphin Istanbul A civilized tourist appearance in Turkey, described by its visitors and photographers as one of the most beautiful areas there, and the enjoyable experience of this place praises the place and its designers, owners and services as well.
If you are a fan of swimming and playing with water, especially if you have children who enjoy playing with it, Aqua Dolphin Istanbul will be a summer tourist attraction suitable for change and experience, and it is close to Ataturk Airport, which is used internationally in Istanbul, the famous Turkish capital.

The best entertainment venues in Aqua Dolphin Istanbul:

Play is the first thing that attracts the attention of young people, and when it is linked to the spiral hydrology in an organized and clean way, it is remarkable for adults as well. The entertaining water play is an advantage in Turkish Aquadelfin, which also includes bathrooms and special pools for swimming, outdoor and children, and all the different age stages and is not forgotten from that sled Water fun for everyone, especially the variety and diversity of design and shapes.

From the impressive designs, for example, you will find:

The high triple chutes, the closed cylindrical chutes are open to the sides, and the circles, the various spirals, and the wide open similar to skateboarding is a popular sport, as there are places for children trampoline, and ample areas for sports.
The interesting view is the widespread vegetative presence, especially when looking at the place in general from a high, and the presence of relaxing parasols with their requirements around the pools, which is essential.
It has lounge areas with seating around the place, and the city enjoys the advantages of multiple cafeterias or cafes, with the water park that accompanies the large hall for the show dedicated to dolphins, by the letters of the coaches who train them on dancing and amusing and surprising performances, especially for those who see it directly first time.

Movement and sightseeing in and out of Aqua Dolphin Istanbul:

Transfer to Aquadolphin for those present with an available and possibly free division, and is allocated with morning appointments, one hour between the eighth and the ninth of the day designated for the visit, and often daily for the permanent and family tourist presence of the Turks as well, and an evening return at five.
Tourism inside Turkey in addition to Ecuadorians, whether in Istanbul or in other distinct areas, due to the Turkish government’s very interest in it, and what is most remarkable urban organization that is itself a touristic part worth seeing, water and river facilities, and others.
The location of Aquadolfin Istanbul in Turkey is in which city and how is it connected? Perhaps a question that responds to your mind is essential when you arrive in Turkey and start taking a tour along with the therapeutic, perhaps, and we answer that the water park is located in Basnoyurt, Turkey, in the diagonal section of the countries of the continent of Europe, which Turkey once belonged to thanks to its President Ordogan.
Certain buses are allocated for the transition between Aqua Dolphin Istanbul and Taksim, which is one of the well-known fields of Turkey, and it is rented like the numbered number 76E, D. And other places have distinctive characteristics and are vital within the country as the first Korean, and also Yeni Kabi and the like, and others.

The physical cost of entering and enjoying the services of Aqua Dolphin Istanbul:

The currency used is the lira, and the price of the ticket varies between one person and another, and between large and small, it is for male males of 50 to 40 pounds, and for women or girls from 40 to 30 pounds.
Adolescents from 12 to above fall into the previous two categories, but under twelve are from 20 to 25 pounds, and young people enter less than five years without cost or fees, i.e. free of charge and of course accompanied by parents or relatives.
Playing and swimming between and with dolphins has a fee, which is higher than the entry fee, as it rises to 100 pounds, and by talking about Aqua Dolphin, we must mention something about staying in it, so whoever has a practical, therapeutic or touristic trip
The stay in one of the best hotels in Istanbul is close to this entertaining place, and on the sidelines of the mention, Rais Inn and Nidia Esenyurt hotels can be mentioned as the nearest residence hotels that facilitate access to the water park in Istanbul.
And other hotel attractions you may like, such as Sultan Ahmed, Shesley, Taksim, Artkoy, Besiktas, Sirkaji, Lalali, etc., and there are less expensive types if you want them, such as what is found in: Old City, known as Suhair Old City, Sahara Airport, Haidan, Ghor, Arvin , And others.
And if you liked shopping, the markets in Istanbul are a variety of them: the roofed or the Istanbul Bazaar, the Istanbul Istanbul market or spices, as you have malls, which are more sophisticated than the markets.
As for restaurants, including Istanbul, Nasrat House Istanbul, Chazly Restaurant, Al-Malik Restaurant, Istanbul Summit, Hawka Istanbul, and others. You can also enjoy visiting the complex called Dolphinarium for water shows and dolphins, but its prices are higher for the individual.

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