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Tourism is one of the important economic activities, which is concerned with studying the science of tourism geography, which is in close contact with many sciences. Examples include archeology and climatology as well as meteorology, medical science, and economics, and tourism is the focus of our conversation in this article, and we will shed Highlighting the definition of tourism, in addition to an overview of the development of tourism, and about the factors that led to its development in our time.

Definition of tourism

It is the movement of a person and his movement from one place to another to achieve one or several goals, recreation and recreation, within a certain period of time provided that it is not less than a day and not more than a year.

Tourism development

Tourism is one of the ancient phenomena practiced by some peoples in the past, and tourism was limited to specific places, and its performance was limited to the segment of explorers and travelers, in addition to the class of the rich, rulers, and merchants, and the Phoenicians were known to practice tourism through their trade and exploration trips In the Mediterranean basin, the Red Sea, as well as the West African region, as well as the Romens and Greece, they reached many regions in Africa, Europe, and Asia, and participated in the Olympic Games, in addition to artistic, religious and cultural festivals, which were all centers of attraction Tourism.

The Arabs and Muslims also had a role in the practice of tourism, through the situation of Arabs and Muslims and the category of merchants who reached many regions, starting from China in the east and reaching the Atlantic Ocean in the west, as well as reaching Central Asia, Africa, and Europe, and we learned about those trips Through what these travelers and merchants described to those areas that they visited, in the books they wrote, which is one of the most important tourism to this day, including the book Masterpiece of Parents in the Oddities of the Lands, and the wonders of travel by the famous traveler Ibn Battuta.

Since the middle of the twentieth century to the present time, the tourism sector has witnessed a significant development and expansion in its scope, as tourism has covered all regions of the world in general, as it is no longer linked to a specific group of people, and tourism has become one of the global social phenomena, and tourism today is one of the important sectors in various countries on The economic level, as it contributes to increasing the country’s income and development.

Factors that helped the development of tourism

  • The development of means of communication and transportation, which made it easy to reach all parts of the world easily, easily and in a short time compared to the past.
  • Increase in individual income and increase in the standard of living of individuals in general.
  • The emergence of tourism organizations, such as the International Tourism Organization, which are concerned with the tourism sector and its components in general.

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