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المسافرون العرب

The geographical location of Baalbek Castle

The castle of Baalbek is located on the eastern side of Lebanon, and it is a large archaeological complex that contains the ruins of an ancient Romen city. 80 kilometers, and the city of Baalbek is known as the city of the sun, and in 1984 AD the archaeological area was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

About the history of Baalbek castle

The city of Baalbek is considered the first city that was built in history, and in the year 9000 BC it was a place of worship, and it became the bedrock of ancient civilizations. For worship in Mesopotamia, and until the year 150 BC the site was a temple for the Phoenician tribes and Baal, then the temple was brought to the Christian era by the influence of Constantine the Great on the Romen Empire, and it remained so until 637 AD when Islam ruled the region, and the site became a strong Islamic fortress, I add Yeh mosque.

But after the transfer of the temple to the Ottoman Empire, these ruins began to decline and retreat, and these monuments were abandoned, and left in a state of ruin and destruction, the site witnessed the continuation of the destruction of natural storms and forces until the year 1898 AD, but then the German Emperor Wilhelm II visited the place, He was the pioneer in the restoration and preservation of Baalbek, and at the present time Baalbek is considered one of the most historical treasures in Lebanon, as it is visited by large numbers of world tourists.

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Monuments of Baalbek Castle

There are a number of monuments in Baalbek castle to the following:

  • Temple of Baal shrine, Jupiter: This temple is known as the castle, and next to it is the Temple of Deir al-Qala (Deir Marna Temple).
  • Bacchus Temple: It is a smaller temple than the Temple of Jupiter, and its construction dates back to the second century AD. Perhaps the most important characteristic of this temple is its ability to preserve its features despite the passage of time, as it consists of a giant gate, and its height reaches 13 meters, and its width is about 6 meters It is located on a platform of 5 meters high.
  • Venus Temple: It is located outside the castle, and inside the Temple Mount, and its decoration was in the form of two rows of columns.

The city of Baalbek contains a number of important Islamic sites, including: the shrine of Sayyidah Khawla, the Great Mosque, the River Mosque, the Hanbali Mosque, the Mosque of the Goldsmiths, and the Nuriyya School.

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