Arab travelers is an expression of tourism

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Tourism is defined as a type of travel and residence for people, and it represents the movement of individuals outside the borders of the country to which they belong for more than twenty-four hours and less than one year, and the goal of tourism should not be permanent residence, study, work, or just passing from one country to another. A tourist is a temporary person who visits a place far from his homeland for different purposes.

Arab travelers is an expression of tourism

Arab travelers include the expression of tourism a lot of ideas, and are interested in several aspects, namely tourism, tourists, and the host country, and the following is a set of ideas that can be used in writing Arab travelers an expression of tourism:

  • Definition of tourism and tourists.
  • Clarify the purpose of tourism.
  • Clarifying the types of tourism: Tourism is divided into several types according to the intended purpose such as religious tourism, cultural tourism, and recreational tourism, as well as according to the number of tourists. It may be individual tourism or group tourism, and it can also be divided according to the geographical scope to include domestic tourism and external tourism, or according to The nationality of the tourist; it is divided into foreign tourism or national tourism (i.e. from the same country), or tourism of expatriate residents.
  • Discuss the factors affecting tourism.
  • Explaining the historical development of tourism over time.
  • Determine the services that must be provided by the country hosting the tourists.
  • Identify the benefits to tourism for the host countries.

The Arab travelers model is an expression of tourism

The following template combines all the suggested ideas for writing Arab travelers an expression of tourism:


Every eye loves beauty, and everyone yearns for an adventure and an adventure that revives activity in his life. Tourism is a means that gives people a different experience, and introduces them to beautiful places around the world, or gives them a special time with oneself that relaxes away from the noise of life. And some need to revive and increase his spirituality, hitting the ground with a holy sanctuary containing it, whether it is a synagogue, a church or a mosque, and another who loves to seek the emancipation of time and remember the glories and events, so he means places that were once a stable of existing nations and civilizations. Some heal under the torment of hot water from pain that has befallen him, while others only recover from his return to a country absent from him and long-term loved ones. Some may travel to pursue a festival or sports match for a team that encourages it, or for scientific or economic purposes. Therefore, interest in tourism is growing by countries, and it sees it as a way to raise its economic level.


Tourism regards the travel of a person inside or outside his country with a non-material goal. If he moved within his country, he was called domestic tourism, but if he went to another country, he was called foreign tourism. A tourist is one who has left his place of residence to stay at least one night in order to enjoy times that change his routine. Tourism is not a new activity created by man. Humans have been known to move around on foot or animals in the pre-Christian era. It was followed by an active movement for medieval tourism because of the faster and easier transportation industry such as ships and railways. Many famous travelers such as Ibn Battuta and Christopher Columbus, who discovered the continent of America during his travels, and the term tourist first appeared in England in the eighteenth century, and in modern times tourism became active in all its forms, and the planes appeared to cut man into continents and oceans until he reached his destination.
Tourism is affected by many factors that strengthen or weaken it, which are natural factors, social factors, and economic factors. Among the natural factors is the prevailing climate in the region, where it attracts tourists if it is moderate, and the area may be summer or winter. Another natural factor affecting tourism is the topography of the land that relies on the plains of the country or its mountains, so that tourism services are located from hotels and airports. The most important natural element that strengthens tourism is the elements of the natural, historical or civilized environment that constitute the main attraction of tourists. As for the social factors, they are represented by places of religious tourism and the prevailing language. Countries that speak English, for example, attract tourists more, because it is a universal language that is easy to communicate with. Economic factors include the state’s ability to build high-quality facilities for tourists, and citizens’ physical ability to spend on travel.
It is the responsibility of states to facilitate travel for people, and to provide them with varied services in order to spend enjoyable holidays. Among the essentials that a tourist needs is a place to stay, and most of the places that tourists intend to stay are hotels, so countries should take care to make hotels comfortable and consistent with the needs and desires of tourists. Also, the tourist needs a means of transportation, and it must be fast, safe and affordable. And because the tourist does not know much about the area he is visiting, it is necessary to provide tourist guides, and tourist programs that give the tourist an unforgettable experience.
Many tourist areas attract tourists from around the world, and an example is the country of Chile, where it is characterized by a variety of terrain and landscapes, deserts, islands and fjords, as it contains 36 parks. Another tourist area is Granada in Spain, which contains historical Islamic architectural creations.
Tourism contributes to the economy of countries and brings a lot of benefit to it. Foreign tourists provide the state budget with hard currency that supports comprehensive development and improves the standard of living. It is also a major source of income for the state’s budget. Because tourists love to buy the local production of the country they are going to, their production will increase, and many services facilities will be adopted, and it will take care of the rural areas and the wildlife in them. Tourism also provides many job opportunities for the people of the state in several areas, such as working in the hotel sector, restaurants, tourism companies, airlines, and others.


Tourism possesses endless pleasure, so the person is not satisfied with one tourist trip, in every region there is a beauty that distinguishes it, and every journey is a new adventure, and the tourist must respect the country he visits by adhering to its customs and traditions, and the state must respect the tourist and provide him with good, as well as his hospitality. Against each other, and cultural communication between peoples is a must in the times of civilization and cultural revival.

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