Archeology in Jordan

المسافرون العرب


Jordan was distinguished by the diversity of civilizations that followed its land since ancient times, and the distinguished geographical and strategic location and mild climate made it one of the areas in which people settled to build cities and civilizations, where the effects of these civilizations behind them indicated their existence, despite the fact that many of them were destroyed as a result of conflicts That alternated over the entire region.

Jordan relies on its economy on tourism, as it enters large numbers of tourists, whether for medical tourism in the Dead Sea and hot springs, or religious tourism for shrines and companions, or for recreation and enjoy the monuments and tourist areas.

Archeology in Jordan

Jordan includes many important and wonderful monuments, the most important of which are the following:

Petra or the pink city

It is a city carved by the Nabataeans in the rock 2000 years ago, and it is considered one of the seven wonders of the world, and one of the precious treasures of Jordan, as the visitor departs from the treasury through the Siq, which is the narrow path that is cleaved in the rock and reaches a height of 80 meters, and its length reaches one kilometer, The car cannot be used in this context.

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Movement is on foot or on horses, and the visitor will enjoy the colorful rocks on both sides, while there are temples, baths, water tanks, and huge arched doors in the pink city, and there is a huge monastery with a large height, and there is a theater that can accommodate more than 300 visitor.

Ajloon Castle

Ajloun is considered one of the mountainous governorates with a cold climate in the winter and mild in the summer, so it is considered a summer resort that attracts a lot of tourists, and its richness in trees and springs made it a natural region with its air containing a large percentage of oxygen.

One of the monuments found in Ajloun is the castle or Al-Rabad Castle, which is a castle located on a very high summit that overlooks all the areas around it.

He can also see the Jordan Valley and the highlands of Jerusalem, and was built by Commander Izz al-Din Osama who was under the leadership of Salah al-Din al-Ayyubi, as he built this castle for military purposes, and he dug a deep trench around it to collect rain water and to protect the castle from penetrations, and it contained high walls and watchtowers To fortify it well against any attack.

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It is also distinguished by its corridors and narrow corridors for easy control over its parts, and there are spacious halls, soldiers ’dreams and horse stables, and excavations also discovered the existence of a Byzantine church, of which only a few monuments remain.

The monuments in Jordan are not limited to the above, but there are several castles scattered in the governorates of the Kingdom, such as the Al-Shoubak Castle, the Karak Castle, and there is the Romen amphitheater and Jerash monuments.

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