Archeology in Lebanon

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Sultan Abdul Majeed Mosque

The Sultan Abdel Majid Mosque is located in the city of Jbeil, and it is an historic archeological mosque, where its construction dates back to 1648 AD, knowing that it was restored in 1783 AD by Prince Yusef Shehab. It is worth noting that the mosque is distinguished by its wonderful architectural design As topped by a dome, and a long minaret

St. John Mark’s Archaeological Church

Mar Yuhanna Marcus Church is located in the Lebanese city of Byblos, and it is one of the most important monuments in the region. Its history dates back to the twelfth and thirteenth centuries, knowing that during its history it underwent many restoration works, And the reform during different time periods.

Defense towers

The Two Defense Towers are two historical towers that were built in the port of Byblos by the Crusaders, with the aim of observing and protecting the city from external invasions, and it also gives visitors the opportunity to enjoy a wonderful view of the sea, the regions, and the surrounding markets.

The Crusader Castle

Crusader Castle is located in the Lebanese city of Byblos, and it is one of its most important monuments; it was created by the Crusaders during the twelfth century, and it overlooks many monuments and archaeological structures dating back to the Phoenician era, the Roman era, and the Egyptian era .

Al Houssami House

The Al-Hussami house is located in the city of Byblos, and it is one of the most important historical and historical buildings in it. It was built by a member of the Al-Hussami family during the nineteenth century.

Temple of Bacchus Temple

The Baalbek’s Temple of Bacchus, which is located in the city of Baalbek, is considered one of the most beautiful temples left by the Roman Empire, where its roof consisting of curved stones depends on eight huge stone pillars distributed along the front of the temple, in addition to fifteen columns along the The two sides.

The archaeological site of Elbas

Al Bass Archaeological Site includes many structures and historical monuments that date back to the Roman era. It also contains hundreds of coffins and decorated tombs, knowing that the site is toured through an ancient Roman road that dates back to its establishment The second century A.D.


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