Are the Hanging Gardens of Babylon now?

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Learn the most important information about whether the hanging gardens of Babylon are now hanging, which represents one of the historical myths that time could not end the myth of its existence despite its destruction due to natural factors such as time, earthquakes, and weather stripping.
It is one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, as historians described it as a brilliant achievement in the world of architecture. It was formed from a growing series of gardens of gradual length, which contained many trees and green plants of various types, summer and winter, even they looked like a green mountain that was built from Milky bricks.
It is mentioned in history that it was built around the year 600 BC, and its current location is located below the city of Babel, Iraq, and it has been called “The Hanging Semiramis Gardens”
In the following lines, we offer you the most important information about the origin of the hanging gardens of Babylon from the Arab Travelers website.

Creator of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon

Historians have attributed the construction of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon to the Babylonian king, “Nebuchadnezzar II,” who ruled the country between the years 562 – 605, and its construction came to her in order to satisfy his wife, the Babylonian “Ametes field”, the daughter of a senior army commander in Persia, but moved to Babylon after her marriage From the king, however, she was fed up with living in the flat city of Babylon and missing living in the green hills of Persia.
So Nebuchad decided to please her by making her palaces in the form of green, hilly hills which were hung up in the air by many tall stone pillars, which made them consume an enormous number of strong palm branches.
These pillars were supported by an enormous weight of good agricultural soil, and they were planted with a huge number of different trees and plants, which made them exquisite gardens and monuments, which made them beautiful.

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Description of Hanging Gardens of Babylon

The height of the gardens of Babel is approximately 328 feet, or about 100 meters, which is up to three quarters of the length of the Great Pyramid in Egypt. It was also surrounded by a strong construction fence, which reached 23 feet or seven meters, and its balconies were connected to each other through a number of The marble stairs are based on a number of marble arches.
In addition, a number of stone basins for flowers and plants were made and lined with lead to decorate the garden veranda with plants and flowers.
The garden was built by many of the Jewish prisoners captured by Nebuchadnezzar II of the Levant and brought them to the country of Iraq, to ​​make them work in building them throughout the day and night, so they can finish them as soon as possible.
In addition to the genius of building the garden itself, it was also a solution to the problem of delivering fresh water to it to irrigate plants. The genius is a desert region, so it was necessary to find a permanent and developed source for watering the plants present in every floor of the modern floors, so it was baptized The ancients into a serial water pump consisting of two huge wheels connected to each other through a large iron chain attached to it a number of buckets that take water from the water source “the pump connected to the Euphrates River” and raise it to all floors of the garden and so again and again.
The garden had an attractive appearance that delighted everyone who entered it or looked at it, and was distinguished by its prosperity throughout the year as it was found with summer and winter plants of fruits, vegetables, flowers.

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Are the Hanging Gardens of Babylon now?

There are no monuments today indicating the existence of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, one day, historians learned about it through ancient texts and writings written by the Babylonians and Sumerians in addition to many drawings and paintings that described the beauty of its shape and the splendor of its construction.
Scientists have attributed the collapse and destruction of the hanging gardens of Babylon to a strong earthquake that struck the garden area to fall in the form of rubble covered by sand and weathering erosion, to disappear as if it had not been before, so that the legend of the most beautiful green oasis located in the middle of Iraq’s ancient desert.


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