The Turkish city of Antalya includes many tourist places, among which is the famous Ataturk Park, and Altis is one of the most important tourist attractions in Istanbul, as this place is very suitable for lovers of the picturesque nature and those looking for calm and recreation, and it is one of the places that visitors are usually attracted to. From different countries, as well as residents of the city of Antalya, who consider that Ataturk Park is one of the most important places to visit for recreation.

Ataturk Park website atatürk parkı:

Ataturk Park is characterized by its privileged location, which makes many visitors easy to access that park and enjoy spending time with it, where Ataturk Park is located in the waterfront of the city center of Antalya, as it is located at the end of Konyaali Beach, up to the borders of the old city, This makes its location very special for locals or visitors alike.

Advantages of Atatürk Parkı:

  • Ataturk Park is distinguished from many other gardens in the world, because it includes many wonderful scenic views, where the garden has a large number of trees and also green spaces along with a large number of different colored flowers.
  • Ataturk Park is located by the sea, which makes sitting in the garden generate a feeling of relaxation and comfort by watching the sea.
  • Also you can see the Taurus Mountains, from the top of a cliff high, which is located in the garden, and that the high is covered with trees and flowers in a wonderful picturesque view.

The most important services available in Ataturk Park atatürk parkı:

  • Ataturk Park includes a large number of restaurants, which are available in all kinds of different foods, whether local and international foods, which gives a feeling of enjoyment while eating in that breathtaking view.
  • Ataturk Park also includes a group of cafes that have many different drinks that are preferred by all, along with a special Turkish coffee drink.
  • There are also a large number of stalls available in Ataturk Park, which includes all types of Turkish pastries, as well as some distinctive Turkish sweets, which is definitely fun for children and the whole family.
  • If you are a fan of hookahs, the cafes in Ataturk Park really are the place to be, especially at night, as cafes offer hookahs with great music in the evening.

How to have fun in Ataturk Park atatürk parkı:

  • You can enjoy a very enjoyable time in Ataturk Park, by enjoying the wonderful view of this beautiful place overlooking the sea.
  • But if you are a fan of adventures, Ataturk Park is the right place for that. Ataturk Park is available air sports, using umbrellas, in the western side of Ataturk Park, which directly overlooks Konyaali Beach.
  • Also in the water park Ataturk annual shows are jumping off the cliff, in the water, and the famous Red Bull Company is the official sponsor of these offers.
  • You can enjoy a good time during the summer months, especially in Ataturk Park, because during the summer there are special events and events for jumping from the top of the cliff, along with multiple free celebrations.
  • Not only that, but it is also available in the Ataturk Park, the train located at the end of the park, which through its ride can reach the old city, just a few minutes away, as it is an important place of the tourist attractions of Antalya.
  • Enjoy the most delicious foods and seafood found in the majority of restaurants located in the garden, which includes Alara Restaurant, as well as Big Man Restaurant, and other famous restaurants, along with delicious Turkish dishes of various kinds.
  • Enjoy renting bicycles, and spending a fun trip around the park.
  • Enjoy visiting the Archeology Museum, which is directly opposite Ataturk Park, and you cannot miss it on that day.

The dates of Atatürk Parkı visit:

You can enjoy the happiest times with family and children in Ataturk Park, throughout the week, where the park is available all days from ten in the morning, until four in the afternoon.

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